Little known facts about ‘Wolverine’ Wolverine (P.2)

5. Wolverine almost not played by Hugh Jackman

Until now, it can be said that Hugh Jackman’s role as Wolverine is like a predestined relationship, this role has accompanied the actor for 17 years. But actually, this role in the X-Men was originally intended to be given to Dougray Scott. But then the actor got stuck filming Mission: Impossible II. And Hugh Jackman in Dirty Harry was rated by the director as having a “crazy gaze, which suits Wolverine very well, so he chose him to play this role. Thanks to that, we have such a classic werewolf image.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>
Dougray Scott (left) and Hugh Jackman (right)

4. Logan is actually a mountain

In the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the audience knew that Logan was a god in legend. But the truth is that the author took the name of the highest mountain in Canada – Mount Logan. The funny thing is that in Comic, the height of Werewolf is only 1.6 m, in stark contrast to the “tallest” of Mount Logan.


3. Wolverine is not a Mutant

In an early version of Wolverine, werewolves were not a Mutant. In that version, Wolverine was a crazed villain who, through modifying his body structure, turned into a “superhuman”. Wolverine implanted a variety of weapons into his body, turning himself into a “mobile weapon”. This is also one of the most controversial stories in the X-Men series.


2. Originally ‘Werewolf’ wasn’t a human

In the beginning, Wolverine is neither a Mutant nor a human. In the original manuscript, Wolverine was a new human race created by a scientist. This scientist used genetic engineering to turn a wolf into a human, which this new human race is the ‘Wolf Man’ Wolverine. However, it is the “boss” Marvel I personally thought this was a very absurd idea, so I decided to refute it.


1. Wolverine is a failed father

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Over the years, Wolverine has lived with many identities such as: hero, soldier, victim, assassin, teacher… But among them, Wolverine also experienced the status of a father. However, it can be said that this is a rather failed role in the life of ‘Wolves’. In Wolverine 3: Logan, Wolverine took good care of little X-23, from a wild animal, Logan became a real father.


However, in the Comic version, the relationship of ‘Werewolf’ with his biological son is not like that. After the war ended, while still in Japan, Logan met and fell in love with a girl named Itsu Akihiro. After Akihiro Itsu died, Logan grieve and left Japan. But their child still lives and is adopted by a Japanese family. The child’s name is Akahiro, but people usually call him “Daken” (Dark Wolverine). 9 years of being poisoned by Romulus thinking that Logan, his father abandoned him at a young age, so Daken hates Logan more and more. The two later fought several times and Logan accidentally killed Akahiro. As a result, Wolverine lived with regret for many years to come.


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