Will Smith donates PS5 to cheer up 14-year-old cancer patients

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Not just a famous actor, Will Smith He is also interested in social activities. Recently, he moved the online community again when he gave one PS5 New treatment for a 14-year-old patient who is fighting a terrible cancer.

Aiden is a boy from Fort Worth, Texas (USA), he has been fighting blood cancer for a long time. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a global impact, especially with patients with serious health problems like Aiden. This 14-year-old boy has had to undergo painful chemotherapy alone, his parents are not allowed to visit him because of COVID-19.

To cheer for his son, Chuck – the boy’s father, dressed in colorful clothes and danced in the parking lot for Aiden to see. Chuck’s clumsiness and Fortnite-like dance moves cheered Aiden up and gave Aiden more confidence to fight off illness. Knowing the story of father and son Aiden, famous actor Will Smith decided to give this resilient boy a special gift.​

Aiden and dad are overjoyed for a surprise gift

It’s a new PS5 and controller with a GameStop gift card, while PS5 is as scarce as it is today, it is definitely a gift that means a lot to the boy. Moreover, GameStop and Will Smith also donated $10,000 to Cook Children’s Medical Center (where Aiden is being treated) for research and treatment.

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