Top 5 lane champions in League of Legends season 11

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In terms of top lane position, overwhelming skill and good stamina are the key factors to win the clash with the opponent in the game. League of Legends. Recently, season 11 has begun and this is the right time to learn about the top strongest top lane champion in this season 11 League of Legends.

Top lane in League of Legends It’s a long road, and since there’s no second allied champion to go to the end, top lane champions are usually tanky or high damage champions. They make good use of the long lane of the League of Legends map to take down enemies. The 1v1 nature of top also opens up more champion choices than any other role in the game. In general, there are three types of top lane champions in League of Legends. They are carry, support and split push champions.

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Top strongest champions in League of Legends season 11

Top lane carry deals massive damage to enemies in a split second and can frequently hit multiple targets with AoE damage. Split push champions have weak laning until they get some gear and turn into monsters. Finally, the support style top laners are super powerful Tankers in League of Legends. Effective top laning is heavily dependent on champion pick. Therefore, will share with you the top 5 strongest top laners in League of Legends season 11 right here.

Top 5 strongest top lane champions in League of Legends season 11

1. Darius

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Darius – General Noxus is arguably the strongest top laner in League of Legends season 11. He’s one of the best level 1 damage dealers in the game and excels at snowballing early on. Darius can literally bleed enemies to death, dealing a tremendous amount of physical damage. The new Mythic (Mythic) equipment has brought great benefit to Darius. With an item like Goredrinker, he can withstand better and become a top lane monster completely.

2. Aatrox

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Aatrox is an outstanding top laner in season 11. His ability to heal and deal massive damage from his Passive makes it difficult for opponents to deal with. Mythic items have recently had a positive effect on Aatrox, especially the Goredrinker (Mace of Blood Armor). It makes him nearly invincible when combined with new durability items and runes. Aatrox is not easy to play because it depends on skill.

3. Pantheon

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Pantheon has been a support champion in League of Legends for years, but recent buffs have made him a preferred pick for top lane. This champion has taken the throne in the new season and is back strong to reclaim glory with his suppressive skill set. Pantheon’s Attack of the Storm (E) can block damage, allowing him to synergize perfectly with junglers. His ultimate (R) is capable of dealing massive damage to enemies in a rectangular area.

4. Malphite

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Malphite became one of the top mid laners after the item overhaul in the LHMT 11.1 update. Malphite gets huge benefits from new tanky items and is one of the hardest top laners to deal with. Malphite is considered not difficult to play. His skill set is quite simple and doesn’t require a lot of skill to be effectively utilized. His ultimate Unstoppable (R) deals massive damage to enemies if used at the right time.

5. Camille

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In the current meta, Camille is also one of the strongest top laners in League of Legends. She has a strong ability to pick less agile champions and destroy them with one attack. Camille’s Ultimate Ultimate (R) is one of the deadliest Ultimates in League of Legends and a true game changer. She can dash through walls and become a great fighter. Depending too much on equipment and being difficult to play are two weaknesses of this champion.

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League of Legends season 11 is underway and the LoL 11.1 update has brought some changes in the meta. If you’re looking for the top top laners for this new season, here are the top 5 best names in the meta right now. of Legends-mua-11-62250n.aspx
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