Presidential candidate Joe Biden has his own island in Fortnite

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Developers Fortnite, Epic Games constantly breaking the boundaries of crossover marketing. They spent almost the entire season 4 on Marvel superheroes, and before that Batman and even Fortnite turned rapper Travis Scott into a giant.

However, nothing can compare to the island No Malarkey Zone of the Joe Biden. The Democratic presidential candidate, known for using video games as a platform to get people to vote, has released his own Fortnite island in Fortnite’s Creative Mode.


Biden’s island is a major downtown with a town hall filled with Biden-Harris signs and posters that read like “reasonable college tuition” and “Black Lives Matter.” Players can experience this mini-game through Creative Mode hub of Fortnite with code: 0215-4511-1823.

No Malarkey Zone will give visitors a pretty interesting adventure. Players will take the subway to No Malarkey Station and from there, head up the streets. Players are greeted by a series of cardboard guides around the island with Biden’s island-appropriate tasks such as climbing a tower to install eco-friendly devices and solar panels. sun, collect trash, and visit Biden’s ice cream parlor.


The design of the island is done by Alliance Studios, a team of two familiar artists from Creative Mode in Fortnite. Alliance Studios has also been involved in other Fortnite commercials such as GrubHub, 100 Thieves and the Susan G. Komen organization. The Biden team and Alliance Studios have set up signs on the island to encourage players to vote, as well as texting “Fortnite” to 30330 for further instructions on the voting process.​

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