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Subway Surfers is a popular runner game on mobile devices, tablets operating systems iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In previous articles, Download.vn has introduced to you how to make a lot of gold in the game, how to run to get the most points. This article will continue to introduce new players to the online store in Subway Surfer, how to buy, how to use the goods in the shop.

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Enter the Subway Surfer store

  • Me Icon: here you can buy characters, character decorations, skateboards and get rewards by completing quests
  • Icon Shop: a rail surf shop with a wide variety of items, where you can purchase character support goods with in-game gold or real money through in-app purchases. You can restrict purchases in your phone’s device settings.

1. Buy characters and items for characters

Buy more characters and equip them in the “Me” section of the game screen. Note that, every day there will be some promotional items, you can save coins to buy your favorite character. Tap the Characters icon to buy characters, boards to buy skateboards, and awards to view mission rewards.

Subway Surfer

Option to buy characters and tools

Characters: only some characters are free, the rest you need to buy more with gold coins earned in the game. There are some characters that require you to do quests to find them like Yutani (collect all 500 flying saucers in the mysterious gift box), Spike (requires 200 electric guitars in the mysterious gift box), Fresh ( 50 Radio stations), Tricky (requires 3 beanies), the rest of the characters require gold coins. The amount of money to buy characters is not small, requiring a long accumulation process. In addition, you can unlock the character’s costume with the key.

Subway surfer Subway Surfer

Buy characters and clothes

Boards: is where you can buy skateboards, they help the character move without worrying about crashing into obstacles. Each type of skateboard has different abilities. You can drag the skateboard bar to see the types of skateboards, click on them to see detailed information. Skateboards can also be purchased with money, unlocking features with keys collected in the game.

Subway SurferSubway Surfer

Awards: is where you can collect keys if you complete the requirements of the game. For example, the task Best of Friends: requires you to poke “Poke” 20 friends in your friends list when logging into your Facebook account. Or the High Jump quest, which requires running in Super Sneakers for 1 minute. Usually you can earn 3 to 5 keys each time you complete a quest.

2. Stores

In the shop, there are some items such as buying Boosts support items, earning coins and a coin shop.

Boosts where you can buy in-game support items. Here you can buy coin packs, item packs with great deals with real money. Buy single items with in-game gold coins like: skateboard, mystery box, multiplier, mega heatstart, skip quest. You can learn more about the uses and usage of Boosters in the article mentioned earlier.

Subway surfer

Earn Coins where you can earn more coins by following the game’s request: for example watch daily videos to get 2 keys. These are usually publisher or 3rd party game promotion videos, the ads usually last 15 to 30 seconds. Some other tasks such as: subscribe to Kiloo channel on Youtube, download other promotional games, etc.

Subway Surfer

Earn free gold coins

Store is where you can buy more gold coins in the game through in-app purchases. Includes many packages with different prices for you to choose from. Of course the more money packages you get more incentives.

Subway Surfer

Above are some instructions for using the store in the game Subway Surfers on phones and tablets. Hopefully the article can be of some help to those who are new to surfing on the rails.

Have fun playing the game!

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