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Playing wild with the heater, male gamers have to give up on newly bought gaming consoles

Nintendo Swtich Lite is Nintendo’s latest game console, although it has been cut a lot of functions compared to its brother Switch, but at an affordable price, this machine is very suitable for those who want to experience the game. console of Nintendo but with limited economic conditions. This compact game console was officially launched by Nintendo in September with 3 versions in yellow, gray and turquoise, besides the company has just launched a limited edition. Pokemon Sword and Shield on last 11/15


The Switch Lite Pokemon This Sword and Shield Edition is definitely an irresistible attraction for Pokemon fans and the players below are no exception. After the above limited version went on sale, a Reddit user with a nuzleafsnipples94 account bought the device for himself to satisfy his wish. However, the happy day was short-lived, an unexpected incident made him gamer This must be parted with his newly purchased goods.

As you know, the weather in winter abroad is very harsh, sometimes the temperature drops below O°C, so a heater is almost an essential item of every home. While nuzleafsnipples94 carelessly placed the Switch Lite on the heater, the high temperature of the device caused the console to melt.​


This male gamer does not know if the heater has been turned off or not, but he just put the Switch Lite on, although it is still usable, but he is afraid that it is no longer safe for users, it seems that the console This brand new price of nearly 5 million will have to be moved to the trash. The heater has a very high temperature, just a little carelessness can cause unfortunate damage, if used, everyone should be careful not to make the same mistake as the gamer above.

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