Top 5 best gold plow dragons in EverWing

Everwing 640 - Emergenceingame

Gold in EverWing is also very important, helping you to unlock the Guardians, as well as upgrading the Guardian to the maximum level. To play the game EverWing effectively, right from the beginning of the game, actively shoot continuously to earn lots of gold stored.

Once you reach level 6, unlock the guardian Lily, because she has the ability to double the amount of gold earned after each flight. Now, use gold to upgrade Lily to as high a level as possible, then play the main mode a lot to make money. At the same time, combine with TOP 5 dragons below to quickly earn a lot of gold:

1. Umbra> Umbrathyst> Umbrasaur

Umbra evolved into Umbrathyst> Umbrasaur, of the dark system. Able to double the number of diamonds dropped from monsters, bullets automatically find the target.


2. Jina> Jamailla> Jemtwyst

Jina evolved into Jamailla> Jemtwyst, a water system. Has the ability to double the amount of diamonds dropped from monsters.


3. Avi> Avalon> Suldal

Avi evolved into Avalon> Suldal, a member of the fire system. Able to fire 2 rounds of bullets, double the amount of diamonds falling from monsters.


4. Coqi> Coquira> Coqistar

Coqi evolved into Coquira> Coqistar, which belongs to the tree system. Chances of a 60% increase in the spawning rate of Bats with Bombs, destroyed will explode. At the same time, increase by 25% the appearance rate of Treasure Chest, when destroyed, many diamonds and gold will be dropped.


5. Kyu> Fleure> Amorice

Kyu evolved into Fleure> Amorice, belonging to the tree system. Has a 25% chance to increase the chance of the Treasure Chest spawning, when killed will drop diamonds, gold and slow monsters.


When you understand the types of dragons, you will quickly know which types of high damage, which are easy to destroy the Boss to take advantage of the game Everwing to achieve high scores quickly.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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