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Minecraft How many game modes are there? What are the specific ways of playing those modes? What do players need to do or can do when participating in one of those game modes of Minecraft? And understanding the game modes in this game will also help you choose a game mode that best suits Minecraft account created yourself.

Minecraft is an extremely famous game in the world and almost no one has ever heard of the name of this game product. Not a game with a beautiful interface, attractive graphics or action-adventure gameplay, but in terms of heat and attraction, perhaps Minecraft is not inferior to any blockbuster game.

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Minecraft game mode

The magic square blocks have 4 game modes, each of which is a World, a different challenge, extremely diverse and attractive. Specifically:

But which mode should be played in Minecraft? Or how detailed the game modes? Let’s try to find out to choose the best way to play.

1. Modes Creative (Creation) in Minecraft

Creative mode

True to its name, this mode is mostly play based on creativity of the player. We can find and use an infinite number of resources in the game (all resources, no limit on quantity), you don’t even need to worry about how to have one. A shovel, a pickaxe or a table, because with Creative Mode everything is available.

Imagine playing in Minecraft’s Creation mode, your task is to design, build, you are an architect with the task of building works, works of art from what’s in your hand (in the game). But instead of having to go around in Mine World yourself to exploit and get all the materials you need, you will be provided with, full of everything from (including tools, support tools ).

Creative Mode

Add another advantage for players in this mode, that you will completely Not being attacked by mobs or monsters in the game, don’t die Stay underwater for too long or decrease HP when touching lava. The only way is to end yourself by digging deep into the ground (like digging into the center of the earth) or using kill command (character name in the game).

In addition, if you do not know, then in Creation, players can fly their characters in the air (Fly Mode) Like a real Superman just by double pressing the SPACEBAR on the keyboard. The breaking of structural blocks in this mode is also very simple and does not take as much time as other modes.

In particular, players can also hatch their own eggs and produce any animals they want. In other words, in Creative mode you are God with all infinite powers in hand. If new to MinecraftYou can get acquainted from this game mode.

2. Modes Survival (Survive)

Survival mode

You can say this is quite difficult and complicated game modes Most, if you do not have experience, you should not choose to play in the first place. Because you will be like Robinson when you are lost on a desert island and absolutely do not have any tools or tools on hand to survive. Right do everything yourself, from finding resources, making tools, weapons, shelter, food … Easier to understand, if in Creation, you are the most powerful person, with Survival, everything will be the opposite.

In addition to having to do everything on their own, our characters are also very vulnerable to falling, when hungry or touching lava flows, diving underwater for too long or even being attacked by wild animals, mobs if without weapons, don’t know how to avoid them.

However, if it was just that, then Minecraft might not be so popular. The bottom line is that we can customize the level of this mode (Peaceful – Peace / Easy – Easy / Normal – Normal and Hard / Difficult).

Survival mode

Each of these modes will give you some advantages to get used to the game, specifically:

  • In Peaceful – Peace: You will never feel hungry and need to eat (because finding food is quite complicated), but in return, the character will still be hurt if it is attacked by wild animals or mobs, losing blood if touched. lava, falling from above or submerged under water for too long.
  • Easy – Easy: You may feel hungry, but never die even if you never eat.
  • Normal – Normal and Hard / Difficult: The character will die if too hungry, and in these levels, in hostile mode, the chance of being attacked by mob will also increase.

In Survival mode At this point, players can still build their own works (if they want and can afford), in addition, they can also craft weapons, go to other regions to search for valuable, rare materials. and more unique (Hell, lava, fire monster …) and this is also the mode where you can clear the island by looking to The End Biome and destroy Ender Dragon – Last boss, boss mob in the game.

However, if you accidentally die in this mode, you can still Rebirth (respawn) at the start of the game or on the last bed you were sleeping in.

3. Hardcore mode (Difficulty)

Difficult mode

Hardcore Mode is also a real challenge for every Minecraft player, because when you play Survival and unfortunately die, you can still revive to play. But with this mode of Difficulty, death means the end, the end of everything. You will lose all the experience, all the achievements you have since you started playing, all the trees you planted, the houses you built, even all the resources you earned or the tools and tools you created. .. all will disappear.

If you are lucky, returning to the game to the right place (or nearby) that in your previous life, then the chance to save, recover some tools, previous experience … is completely available. (because it takes a certain time, these things completely disappear).

Hardest game mode

Many people believe that Difficult mode is a variant, a higher level and quite different of the two versions above, but in fact, this mode is like how players show their bravery, skills in the game, in the game. his real life and ability to survive.

Remember, with Hardcore ModeYou have only one life, a single chance. Do whatever you want, feel necessary, but don’t forget to protect yourself, be as careful as possible and never risk anything you don’t understand.

4. Adventure mode (Adventure)

Like a playable mode combining the words Creation and Survival (survivor), Adventure Mode gives players an experience like a trip to explore, sightseeing around the entire map (but can not break everything with just one click like in Creative Mode).

Adventure mode

Although it is impossible to build a New World in Adventure ModeBut if the player has participated and completed their masterpieces in Creation, they can use this mode to look back or share with others their work (through sharing). it with others over internal network or via the server).

Compared to the above three modes, adventure mode seems the least attractive and it is also the mode with the least choice of players to play.

That is all the information as well as the characteristics of four game modes in Minecraft that I want to introduce to you. Hopefully with these shares, you have a better understanding of the features as well as what can or cannot do when participating in Minecraft to choose a game mode and level of play that is most suitable for you. let’s explore this unlimited game.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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