How to beat the horror game “Granny”: Tips, tricks & tactics to escape the haunted house

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You like Play Granny horror game but don’t know how to defeat the ghost grandmother before time is over? This article will provide you with Tips and tactics needed to escape the haunted house in Granny.

Granny is the best rated horror game or escape room on Android and iOS. There are a lot of in-game items for you to find and secrets to solve while hiding around Grandma’s house. The following article will provide guidance how to play Granny for the simplest and easiest beginner, including how to get through difficult locations, where to find the necessary items together how to clear Granny Island.

How to play Granny
Granny Granny for Android Granny for iOS

Instructions on how to play Granny

Objective and control game Granny

The goal is to be reached in order to win the Granny game

Starting this horror game, you find yourself lying on the floor in a dark room at Granny’s house. You need to survive escaping from this house. It is not easy because Granny the madman living in the house heard all the sounds made. She will chase and attack you if she hears movement. You have 5 days to escape from the house before being killed by Granny. To do this, you must complete a series of tasks, the most important of which is to turn off the door alarm and unlock all security equipment on it.

Controls – How to move and interact with objects

Here are some basic controls you need to grasp when playing Granny:

  • Move – Move with the white circle button on the left side of the screen.
  • Search – If you want to search around the room, use the mouse pointer on your PC or swipe around the smartphone screen in the direction you want to explore.
  • Choose or interact with objects – In the middle of the game screen, you will see a small white dot. If you want to open a drawer, grab an object, get under the bed or interact with something, you have to move the controller until the white dot is in the center of the object of interest. If it’s something you can pick up, open or close, a hand will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Touch it for action. Occasionally, another icon will appear in that corner, letting you know how to interact with that object. Very simple, just touch the interactive icon to complete the action or navigate to the desired place.
  • How to drop the object – Anytime you have an object in your hand, you can drop it by touching “Drop“Below the game screen.
  • Slouch and stand – You can change your posture from bending, curling up to standing upright in the game by touching the human-shaped icon in the left corner of the screen.

Tips, steps and tricks to beat Granny horror game

Using headphones

Mobile games often have more restrictive consoles than PCs, and Granny is no exception. You often have to look around to promptly realize where your grandmother is coming. Wearing a headset will make you more responsive to in-game audio.

While using the headphones, you can hear Granny opening the door, saying something scary while exploring a position in the game. This will help you better locate Granny to have a timely plan to attack or find the safest area.

Game Gunny grandmother

As mentioned above, to beat the game, you have to remove the front door lock and remove the main door alarm. It sounds simple enough, but it takes a few steps to complete it. Here are the items to look for and how to use them.

Items needed

Note, you can only hold objects at a time and some of them need to be used first. The list below lists each item in order of use:

Cutting pliers in the game Granny

  • Cutting pliers – You will use them 3 times. First, use it to make the two door alarm lights turn green. Then, use pliers to cut the wire of the circuit box on the basement wall. You can also use the device to cut the wire on the fan in the cell through the secret passage. Many objects sometimes hide behind the fan.
  • Blue key – Use it to unlock the front door. This will drop the lock bar above the head.
  • Hammer – Used to break the wooden block under the front door. You will have to destroy both ends to open the door.
  • Gear This is a wheel-like object. You need them to find and use equipment in the Playhouse in Granny’s yard.
  • Crank – This is a well crank in Granny’s yard. It allows you to lift the key holder in the well or pick up other hidden objects.
  • Alarm password – This is a yellow piece of paper containing the “code”. You will use it for the lock on the door.
  • Watermelon – This is the object you need to find and add with the guillotine in the yard. It contains the key or other necessary hidden object.
  • Screwdrivers – Other things to find to unlock the secret space hidden behind one of the stairs in the basement. This room sometimes contains keys or useful objects.
    • How to find a screwdriver Screwdrivers are always found in the same place. To locate it, you need to find a high shelf in the lobby. If you stand at the top of the stairs leading down to the front door area, look straight ahead and you will see a very tall shelf.
    • How to get screwdrivers – Doing this is a bit difficult. The only way you can get it is with a shotgun or a tranquilizer.
  • Safety lock – Find it to unlock the safe in the basement.
  • Master Key (red) – The Master Key is the last key you use to unlock the main door and escape.
  • Weapon key (wooden) – Unlock the weapon box in the secret passage. If you can unlock it, you can get a tranquilizer gun that stuns Granny for a while.
  • Playhouse Course – This key unlocks the Playhouse door in Granny’s yard. Inside this house is a machine containing a mysterious room with a key or other supporting item.
  • Car lock (yellow) – This key unlocks the car found in the new garage area. Other essentials like hammers are also occasionally seen here.

Where to find tools and keys

Where you can find objects in the Granny game

Objects in the Granny game do not have a fixed location. They can appear anywhere in the house. Additionally, every time the game is restarted, the location of objects in the house changes. To find things, you need to scour through the closet, microwave, closet … The door opening code can be one of the hardest to find because it is usually attached to a door or wall. Try to move smoothly and quickly throughout the room, to the locations where objects can be stored to find useful items in the shortest time. Please open any doors or drawers you see. However, remember to always be cautious with every step because Granny is very sensitive to noise. If she is approaching you, immediately move to whatever position you feel safe, and then return to that place when Granny leaves. Some of the following additional locations may be more difficult to explore:

  • Propeller in the dungeon: Go to the dark room in the secret passage. It’s like a prison with a bench. On the wall next to the bench you will find a fan. If you have wire cutters, use them to cut off the power. Occasionally, some important objects are hidden behind this fan.
  • The machine in the toy house: It was found on the wall in the Playhouse in Granny’s yard. If you find the Cog Wheel, you can use it with it to unlock the space in the machine where items or keys are hidden.
  • Space under the basement stairs: There is a metal room next to one of the stairs in the basement. Use a screwdriver to open and find keys or other necessary objects.
  • Safe: In the basement, you need the key to open it.
  • Car body: Cars are new features found in the underground secret garage. You need to find your car key to open it and get hidden objects.

Sometimes, you’ll find an object before you need it. You have two options: pick it up or remove it. If ignored, the object will remain there until you die or return. Remember, if you choose to take it with you, at some point you will have to let go of it. This action will make a noise that Granny can hear. In most cases, it’s best to leave the item behind if you don’t need it, but remember where it is to get back when you need it.

Hope the above tips will help you quickly clear the Granny horror game. If you know any other tips, do not hesitate to share with us.

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