How to get Legendary eggs easily in EverWing

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If you are an EverWing gamer, what you want is for sure expensive Legendary eggs, opening up powerful and high-value Dragons. However, to receive them is not easy at all.

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The cost of a legendary egg is 3500 trophies and we all know that trophy is a very scarce resource.You can also unleash other cheaper eggs like Golden Eggs or Magic Eggs, they There may be a lower chance of spawning legendary dragons. Here are the tips will show you how to earn legendary Dragon eggs.

Ways to obtain legendary Dragon eggs in EverWing

1. Boss Raid

Choose chest

You have a chance to get Legendary Eggs from rewards when you defeat bosses in Boss Raids.

You have the best chance of getting the legendary egg if you have: Platinum ChestPlatinum Chest Epic chestsEpic Chest and Legendary ChestsLegendary-chest from Level 8-10 of Boss Raids. There is also a special Legendary Dragon that you can only get from Boss Raid, Raid Legendary Raid-legendary-eggs These dragons are usually stronger than the normal Legendary and have more special abilities than the normal Legendary Dragons.

2. Legendary bonus

Legendary BonusBonus Legendary

EverWing shares this activity with everyone in your group chat, when a player on your team unlocks a legendary Dragon (buy eggs in Dragon Roost or open words Boss Raid). Your bounty starts at 5% when someone on the party receives a Legendary Dragon. This means your chances of getting a Legendary Dragon increase by 5%.

Legendary bonus will increase as more and more friends open Legendary Dragons with a 5% increase for each friend in the party. The more people who buy eggs and obtain a Legendary Dragon, the higher the bounty.

Legendary Bonus

Legend bounty can be stacks up to 50%. This means that if you normally have a 12% chance of getting a Legendary Dragon from a golden egg and rewarding a Legendary Bonus of up to 50%, your chances can be increased by 18%. [12% + (50% * 12%)]. You can claim the bonus within a period of 1 hour after the bonus notification disappears.

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