How to block invitations to play game EverWing on Facebook

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The game EverWing is still going crazy on the Facebook community, but also brings a lot of invitations to play games in each person’s Facebook Messenger message, making people very annoyed but do not know how to block out.

So invite you to follow the following article of to quickly block this annoying EverWing game invitation:

How to block annoying EverWing invitations on Facebook

Step 1: First open up the Facebook application, access the menu, pull down and click on the section Account Settings, choose Application.

Account SettingsInstall apps

Step 2: Window Application and Website appears, click on the section Communication. In item App invitations to join games and announcements, choose Are not.

Install the platformBlock invitations to play games EverWing

Step 3: Also in section Application and website, click Edit, then press the button Turn off background apps to prevent similar applications.

Note: Using this option, you won’t be able to sign in with other 3rd party apps.

EditTurn off the application

Step 4: Next, proceed to turn off all your information that others may collect to invite to play, to avoid any troubles in the future. Back to the window Application and Website, click Applications that others use. Then check all the items and exit.

Other applicationsStory

So, you have blocked this annoying game invitation. Pretty quick and convenient, right?

Wish you all success!

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