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1. Old Luyen

It can be said that the Adept system is the strongest class against formations that deal physical damage and depend on normal attacks. The effect of this system can be said to be so simple that… it makes no sense to reduce the attack speed of all opponents for a period of time. Remember that attack speed not only affects the damage output of the squad, it also affects the mana regeneration of the pieces. The effect of the Adept system also causes the opponent to launch moves later than normal.


Not natural, but after only 2 days of testing, Riot Games had to nerf Immediately, when the Lao Luyen system is at 2/3/4 champion, the attack speed reduction time is only 2/4/6 seconds. However, that much time is more than enough for your squad to destroy the opponent and win.

2. Enchanting

What makes the Enchantment system a bit weaker than Lao Luyen is that this class requires your champion to hit an opponent with a skill to have an effect. However, with moves with great effect like Ezreal’s Bow of Light or Morgana’s Dead Ground, it’s probably harder to miss than to hit. So every time the Enchanted general casts a skill, the opponent’s damage is greatly reduced, up to 50% AD for a few seconds.


The hegemony of the Enchantment system is that the general’s skills have additional effects that increase damage and decrease the opponent’s stats. Since then, the “vegetarian” damage of the Enchanted generals is extremely strong. You can play in many different types of formations and still have good damage, plus the effect of nerfing the opponent, the Enchantment system is almost invincible.

3. Mystery

In fact, the effect of the Mystery system is not really too strong, it simply gives you magic resistance. What makes Mystic so strong is that the pieces of this class are all very strong and possess extremely “absurd” skills. Even owning both Shen and Cassiopeia is more than enough to make Mysterious always popular at Truth Arena Season 4: Destiny.


Shen besides possessing the Mystery type, this piece also belongs to the Adept class, Cassiopeia is also similar to the Enchanted system. If you can activate those two classes, your squad will slow down the opponent’s attack speed, Cassiopeia uses the ability to reduce AD, and the enemy casts the spell, the magic resistance from Mysterious has been reduced a bit. Not to mention Zilean with the ability to buff to revive allies, perhaps the pieces of this class are a bit too strong compared to the rest.

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