Gamers make Fall Guys in… Minecraft

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After a while of waiting, Fall Guys finally recreated in Minecraft. Fans with Reddit account Henry_Cat735 have recreated three levels featured in Minecraft Fall Guys.

Henry_Cat735’s race starts with level TipToe in Fall Guys. To pass this level, the player must find the correct path to the finish line by stepping on the correct square. After TipToe is Gate Crash. This level requires the player to pass through constantly moving doors and a flat surface with a rotating barricade.


The race ends with one of Fall Guys’ difficult levels, which is Hex-a-Gone. The tiles will disappear immediately when someone enters, so the player needs to move continuously for a certain amount of time. Henry_Cat735 says he spent about two and a half hours using command blocks to do this race.

If you want to experience Fall Guys in Minecraft, readers can download the related files from Henry’s GGDrive here and save those files to the “.minecraftsaves folder” folder (It should be noted that this is the Java version, not the Java version). not Bedrock)

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