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PewPew answers the question “Why is he still doing livestreams and releasing videos after he retired?”

PewPew used to be one hot streameris loved by many people because of his extremely funny and funny talking style. Facebook the guy’s now has 2.2 million followers. Not long ago, the guy shocked when he announced his resignation streamer to focus on future plans. Yesterday, for the first time since “retirement”, PewPew answered questions about this issue for the first time.


PewPew shared that if he did not stop, his income would be many times better than now.

“Why should he stop for 3 months?”, because of the contract liquidation, to leave the company, he had to take 3 months off. live stream. “After that time is over, I will livestream and play games comfortably. Without a calendar, I don’t plan to have one either.”

For bakery owner then at night, relieve stress by playing games, it’s simply fun and “it keeps me at home”

With the question of whether the current livestream makes money or not? PewPew Answer: “It doesn’t matter to me. About 9-10 million donations a month. That money for me is not big but it is also a source of income, being able to pay for my house, being able to pay my electricity bills, which are very precious things.”


He said that he doesn’t want to spend much time on this entertainment anymore, simply as a hobby. There are no indicators, no more money problems.

PewPew now spends a lot of time with his family. Even thinking of going to an office job, went to a number of websites to look for work. There was a time when the sale of bread was slightly down, and he thought about making sugarcane juice carts to sell on some hot streets in Saigon.

As for why out of the entertainment industry? Do you want to go out and do your own work to earn more money?

He shared that everything in Creatory They are all very good, supported with everything, high income but “At this point, at my age, I need to step back, I need to turn in another direction, I will turn. It has nothing to do with money.”


PewPew while working at Creatory

Currently there is no specific direction for a good livestream talkshow. When you get up, do it, not on a regular basis.

My current life is going to work from 9-10 am to 6-7 pm, eat, rest, shower, rest then livestream. No supercars, no 5-star stores, no unique experiences. A very ordinary life.

The very sincere shares of PewPew has partly answered the long-standing questions of fans. Hopefully he will continue to have such experiences so that those who love him will have the opportunity to understand more about the current life of a once-popular hot streamer.

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