Ubisoft bans software that allows players to record video games

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Cinematic Tools is a software created by a Dutchman named Matti Hietanen. This is a software that helps players to record video games and take screenshots, the features of the software include adjusting the lens of the cam, removing the HUD… The software now has support for many games and get satisfaction from gamers, but not everyone likes it because here Ubisoft has permanently banned this software with the game Tom Clancy’s The Division.


In 2016 Matti Hietanen brought this software to support for Tom Clancy’s The Division and was loved by many players, with the software now free to take beautiful sharp photos and show them online to the public. admire.


However, not long ago, when using this software while playing games, I received a ban message ” The photos that you take violate our rules, we will take measures to ban to ensure the experience of other players. You have been banned forever, cannot log back in.


Responding to this issue, the father of this software said, everything was not unexpected. Because Cinemactic Tools has no signs of cheating, but this software uses Cheat Engine, and this is a pretty famous software that can customize the functions of other applications, and obviously Cinematics Tools has applied. to adjust the game time…
Before that, Matti was psychologically prepared to receive the ban, but he still hopes Ubisofft can approve and lift the ban with his passionate software.​

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