Fallout 76 – Fallout 4’s heir drops the story mode to become an Online Game?

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Fallout has always been famous as a series of games RPG With an engaging storyline and extremely in-depth gameplay.. Immediately after being taken over by Bethesda, that was further proven by 3 extremely successful versions: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 4. That’s why when rookies Fallout 76 Revealing the first trailer, the gaming community has been restless because a whole new adventure is about to open up.

Fallout 76 game trailer.

However, right after that, fans had to receive a bucket of water that couldn’t be colder. Accordingly, right after Fallout 76 launched the trailer, Kotaku news site cited my source and thinks that this game is not like what gamers think. There, unnamed developers said to be close to the development of Fallout 76 said this is not a title. Offline Games.. but instead it is a complete online product that goes in the direction of survival like DayZ or Ark: Survival Evolved.


This source said, Fallout 76 not only developed by Bethesda Game Studios – the people behind legends like Fallout 3 or Skyrim in the past, but also helped by the new branch in Austin, USA. This new branch is in fact the BattleCry studio, the team that developed the game Online Games same name but was soon canceled later.


If this is true, if Fallout 76 no longer follows the tradition of in-depth storylines but instead becomes a MMORPG literally.. then the game will surely receive fierce resistance from the fan community. In fact, right now on major social networking sites and forums, gamers have expressed their dissatisfaction even completely skipping Fallout 76 if this is an Online Game title.

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