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Part II


Basically, this is almost a set Iron Man armor The female version of Tony Stark’s assistant and lover is Pepper Potts. When she was working in Taiwan, the Stark Dynamics Tower was suddenly attacked by Ezekiel Stane – who carried a long-standing feud with the Stark family. The building collapsed causing shrapnel to lodge in Pepper’s chest, similar to the event for Tony to become Iron Man. She was immediately implanted with a technology based on Tony’s version of the chest, so that the shrapnel did not penetrate deep into the ventricles. Soon after, Tony began to create his own suit of armor with equal abilities Iron Manhelping Pepper to protect herself against future danger.


The armor is equipped with all the original technology from the original version… but is more or less superior with stealth and full support from JARVIS After helping Tony deal with various forces, Pepper gradually adopted the name “Rescue” and started her path to becoming a woman Super hero really.

Model 45 – Space Armor

This is the armor that appeared when Iron Man joined the Guardians of the Galaxy with the main goal of easy movement in the universe and the ability to confront forces beyond Earth. Similar in design to the Model 42, Space Armor operates on the Module feature, allowing Iron Man to assemble different parts in the blink of an eye. In addition to the ability to fight with superior weapons, Space Armor can also move with Warp Drive technology .. helps the armor twist space and time to move many times the speed of light. On top of that, Space Armor can also be assembled into a Saturn V version with 6 times more energy storage capacity than the original version.


Iron Man Six

In the Earth-1610 version, Tony Stark also comes from a rich background and holds a powerful corporation. But later, he suddenly discovered that he had a brain tumor and tried to make the best of everything while he was still alive. With the latest invention, the Iron Man armor, Tony joins the Ultimates – a superhero program founded by SHIELD One of the first forces that Tony must confront is the Liberators – a group of great villains with crazy powers. frenzy in hand.. When Liberators attacked the city, Tony instead of flying straight to Washington to fight his enemies he launched out of Earth’s orbit and approached a mysterious satellite.

Not long after that, from the sky above Washington suddenly appeared a huge fortress covering the whole sky with weapons that seemed to be able to confront the whole evil world. Named Iron Man Six, it easily preempts Liberators and the ultimate power of billionaires Marvel.


Uru Armor

Few people know that Odin has an older brother, Cul – who has caused many disasters to the Earth. When he became King due to being the eldest, Cul ruled out of fear and harbored a particular hatred for mortal beings. However, when his cruelty reached its peak, Odin rebelled and destroyed all the threats that Cul caused. Unable to kill his brother because of ancient laws, Odin imprisoned Cul at the bottom of the ocean… causing him to bring hatred countless times and become Serpent – God of Fear. After Cul escaped from the seal, he and Worthy – a group of 7 servants carrying magic hammers like Thor, were determined to take the throne back to their hands and exile the Earth once more.

To combat this threat, Iron Man is allowed access to his smithy by Odin and Uru – the magically enchanted super metal that makes up gods like Thor’s hammer Mjonir or Odin’s Gungir. With the version of Bleeding Edge armor already in the super advanced level, Tony jumped straight into the Uru furnace and stepped up with a majestic appearance. Taking the form of the Destroyer, the Uru Armor carries the power to confront Worthy directly and even powers beyond technological understanding. However, after the battle ended, Odin stripped the armor of all its magical power.


Phoenix Killer

If you are a Marvel fan, you will know about the Phoenix Force – an ancient entity of the universe with unparalleled power. It bears strong links with Jean Gray’s X-Men and lurking deep within her soul since she awakened her powers. Even the Phoenix Force haunts many generations after Jean Grey, becoming the name that crosses the border of birth and destruction. Its purpose has always been to judge the “unprogressive” parts of the universe, destroying it and allowing new seeds to regrow.

In such a time, the Phoenix Force heads to Earth with a purpose that everyone fears. Faced with potential danger, Tony Stark and Avengers determined to protect the green planet at all costs. To confront an ancient and most powerful force in the universe, Tony designed a super giant armor with ultimate power called Phoenix Killer (or Phoenix Buster). Aided by Hank Pym, the Phoenix Killer is a giant warship-sized robot with unparalleled energy. Not only that, it also equips a special jammer, allowing the Phoenix Killer to directly confront the Phoenix Force and deal a fatal blow to this entity. However, in the end, this armor can only cause the Phoenix Force to split into 5 pieces and merge with the 5 members of the X-Men.. turning them into the Phoenix Five squad. Although unable to carry out the mission, being able to separate the Phoenix Force showed how terrifying this armor was.


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