VLTK Mobile – The boy who crossed 1740km met his girlfriend through the game and the ending

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Distance is one of the difficulties and obstacles of love. People always say “Away from the face, away from the heart”. But someone also once compared it: “Love in the distance is like a flame before the wind. The wind blows out a small fire, but it blows up a big one.” If so, perhaps many couples who know and love each other from online games are the ones who make great fires because even though they are thousands of kilometers apart, the North and the South, or the two western worlds, but with true love. success and sharing, they still try to overcome together and write beautiful love stories like dreams.

The couple in the story that Emergenceingame.Com shared this time is a typical example of such love. A couple of gamers come from server 251 – FullHouse State Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile. Getting to know and love each other through games, sharing the same state, sharing the same server, but the geographical distance between them is too far, more than 1700 km, one is in Hanoi, the other is as far as Kien Giang. It seemed that this would be the biggest barrier separating the couple. But no, it was their sincere love that helped them cross thousands of kilometers to meet and have memorable moments together.

The Mong Chuc girl does not hide her overwhelming happiness when sharing her love. The two must be having a great time together when the guy travels from Hanoi to Kien Giang to visit his girlfriend, and the moment of separation will become so difficult.


Stories like these are not uncommon VLTK Mobile Play any current online game. There are even couples who have never met in real life. They know each other from the virtual world, share the same joys and interests, and fall in love with each other. But not because of the distance that their love becomes less sweet and romantic. They still give each other care, words of love, and walk hand in hand to a happy ending.


Many members of the VLTK Mobile player community sent their best wishes for the couple’s happiness as well as secretly admired.​


The last word on behalf of Emergenceingame.Com as well as the VLTK Mobile community in general would like to wish the young couple’s love forever happy, as strong as it is now and soon come to a happy ending in the near future!
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