Are the changes in the new God of War really worth it?

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When it comes to the world’s best violent games, the series God of War Definitely a name that stands out on the list. Since the first game in 2005, Kratos has experienced countless battlefields, and is ready to destroy anyone who dares to stand in his way. From the heroes in Greek mythology, to the giants bigger than the mountain, Kratos still walked and left only the corpses behind. Of course, after this angry demigod destroyed all the Greek Gods, fans of the series felt both satisfaction and regret, knowing that God of War had come to an end. Fortunately, a new God of War has been developed and will be released next April, bringing Kratos to an equally famous mythical world, with equally powerful Gods, to revive. a legend seems to have been forgotten.​


Obviously, unlike the previous series, the new God of War will certainly have many changes. Whether those changes are worthwhile, that’s the question that fans care most about. And in the meantime, let’s try to find the answers to these questions together.

Change from Greek mythology to Norse mythology
There is no doubt that the world of the previous God of War series has ended, after Kratos destroyed all the Gods on Mount Olympus. If the game wants to continue, the “scene transition” is an expensive idea. There are quite a few myths around the world, but only Norse mythology is worthy to be compared with Greek mythology, both in popularity, and in the number of enemies that Kratos faced. face and kill.​


So far, we’ve seen a few examples of the types of monsters Kratos will kill. We also know that this demigod’s son will help his father fight them. However, we still do not know how the Norse Gods will appear in the story of God of War. Do we have to fight Thor? Whether Loki maybe toying with Kratos like an idiot? Whether Odin play the role of Zeus in the new game? And how many other Gods can we see? The above questions alone are enough to make God of War fans excited and looking forward.​

Changed from sword to ax

With the new mechanics, Kratos will also have new weapons to use. In the leaked images, we know that it is “Leviathan”, a two-handed ax forged by Sindri and Brok, who also forged the hammer Mjonir for Thor. Similar to Blades of Chaos, Leviathan is also a magical weapon ready to destroy anyone who dares to stand in the way of the former War God. With runes engraved on the ax, Kratos can use icy energy to attack, or call the ax back after throwing it. Obviously, even in the new system, Kratos still possesses the tools that allow him to perform violent bloodbaths.​


With the new weapon, Kratos obviously also has to change his attack style accordingly. In the games of the previous series, the former War God could swing two Blades of Chaos quickly to split enemies in half. Now, it was clear that he had become calmer and slower. Slower is not a bad thing here, but it will certainly make old players get used to the battle system again.

A whole new family
This is obviously the biggest change in the entire plot, because family is the driving force and engine for all of Kratos’ actions in God of War. If the world in the game is the world after the events of God of War III, then it seems that Kratos has overcome the pain (and rage) of losing his wife and daughter. Finally, the demigod found the motivation to live on, build a new family, and have a son named Atreus. The current Kratos will obviously spend a lot of time (in-game) with his children, while his wife has disappeared for unknown reasons. The plot of the game is still unclear, but we can completely guess that something happened, to make Kratos have to turn his attention to the Norse Gods.​


In the past (previous series), Kratos was always tormented by guilt and pain in the past. He let his rage control him, as a way to relieve his anguish. Kratos in the new game has obviously become a lot more “human”, when he has a strong relationship with his son. After all, it seems that the former War God has found what he has long lost: a family.

New world, new story, the Gods of War are still angry


During his previous journey, Kratos seems to repeat only two jobs: “kill and avenge”. We can’t say that the plot is bad, but it’s clear that it becomes more and more ‘bad’ towards the end. The new plot, we still don’t know, but obviously will be more complicated and more human with the arrival of the son Atreus. Besides, no matter what happens, at the end, the God of War will still be angry, to point the ax towards the Gods. Because, after all, that is still the core value of God of War.​

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