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“Famous Detective Conan” up to this point can also be considered a work manga Massive, with a detective theme, of course “Conan” also has a lot of smart characters, both good and bad. When it comes to the smartest person, most people probably think of the male lead Shinichi Kudo, but is that really the case?

5. Kogoro Mori


As the boss and sole detective of the Mori detective agency, Uncle Kogoro Mori at first glance is always vaguely stupid, but at the crucial moment always promotes his potential. For example, in some cases, after being hit on the head, he always promoted his detective ability, and was drugged by Conan many times but still did not degenerate IQ. Many people think that Mr. Mori is actually not as stupid as he looks, not only has a high IQ, but also has good health.

4. Shuichi Akai


Not one of them, but Akai is the best member of the FBI and is installed in the Black Organization. In some cases, he did not ignore his ability because Conan was still a boy, on the contrary, he cooperated extremely effectively. In the process of confronting the organization, readers can see more and more IQ and ability beyond their ordinary people.

3. Shinichi Kudo


As the main character of “Famous Detective Conan”, due to encountering people of the Black Organization, he was forced to drink poison, shrinking into Edogawa Conan. Surely many people will be booing as to why Shinichi is in 3rd place, but again and again, he still hasn’t defeated the Black Organization, leaving quite a few fans disappointed. Although this is by the author, fans are still looking forward to more.

2. Kuroba Kaito


Many people wonder why the super thief Kid can be smarter than Shinichi? Because he almost lost to Shinichi every time. But it must be noted that every time he successfully escaped, even though Conan himself showed up, he never lost, after verifying the fake truth of the diamond, he had chosen a safe escape route. Most of all, there were a few times when he almost got caught by Conan at first glance but still ended up falling in the net, which is enough to prove that his ability is not trivial.

1. Yusaku Kudo


As the main character’s father, Yusaku Kudo is also a world-famous detective novelist, every time he appears, the cases are solved extremely quickly, even the speed and efficiency of solving cases is still low. than Conan. Although Conan is good, there is actually a lot to learn from his father, because according to genetics, perhaps Conan’s intelligence is also inherited from his father.​

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