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Hypergun – FPS “explosion” with super unique style

Hypergun Developed at the hands of NVYVE studio – the developer behind the survival horror game PAMELA quite popular on Steam. Although there are still many familiar features in the context design, Hypergun follows a completely different genre and style. FPS games follows a roguelite style and is strongly influenced by neon colors and 80s music.


In Hypergun, the gamer plays Dewey Owens – an intern at the DevTech lab. Somehow Owens became the user of the Hypergun – the most powerful weapon of the research facility, responsible for the fight against the alien invasion.

Hypergun game trailer


In addition to the high-quality visuals and great soundtrack that NVYVE promises will be no different from what’s in the trailer, Hypergun also possesses an arsenal of weapons exceeding 150 and the ability to design himself. Gamers can combine the different parts they receive from each mission to assemble into a powerful weapon. On the contrary, some “creatives” can look quite ridiculous and funny.



Hypergun Developed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One platforms. The game is expected to release this year but there is no specific time yet.​

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