Top 10 most “terrible” YouTubers in 2020, some people earn up to 350 billion VND

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Forbes has just released the list of YouTube stars making the most money of the year 2020using data from June 2019 to June 2020.

The magazine also estimates that this year, the YouTuber grossed over $200 million – a 30% increase from last year. Although affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, advertising revenue decreased at the beginning of the year, but then this market recovered.

ten. Jeffree Star

The YouTube star now has 16.9 million followers and is the number 10 earner this year – an estimated $15 million. The total views of his make-up videos are about 600 million.


Jeffree has been investigated for allegations of physical and sexual violence, but his attorney has completely denied it. There are some recent documents that reveal Jeffree paid one of the whistleblowers $45,000 to withdraw his lawsuit.

Jeffree Star is currently a makeup artist and owns a cosmetics brand bearing her name.

9. David Dobrik

In 2020, Dobrik earned about 15.5 million USD and reached 2.7 billion views. His account currently has 18 million followers.


The content of David Dobrik’s videos is often adventurous, interesting. David was once famous for taking on the challenge of marrying his best friend’s mother and causing a lot of controversy.

In the past year, Dobrik’s TikTok account also received a “huge” following, up to 24.7 million followers.

8. Blippi (Stevin John)

Blippi earned $17 million this year with 8.2 billion video views. He currently has approximately 27.4 million followers.


Blippi is a YouTuber making content for kids.

7. Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya)

According to Forbes’ estimates, the 6-year-old Russian YouTuber earned $18.5 million this year, garnering 39 billion views. Her channel has nearly 65 million subscribers.


The content of Nastya’s videos is educational and accessible. Forbes said that Nastya’s fame has also extended to TikTok – where she has 3 million followers

6. Preston Arsenal

Preston Arsement currently has nearly 33.4 million followers, earned $19 million this year and accumulated 3.3 billion views.


The 26-year-old YouTuber and gamer has a network of channels dedicated to games like Minecraft and Roblox and operates Minecraft servers that pay to access.

5. Markiplier

Forbes estimates Markiplier has 27.8 million followers, earned $19.5 million this year, and has about 3.1 billion views.


This veteran YouTuber has been active for 8 years, but still retains his reputation. The content of Markiplier’s videos is usually about survival horror games.

4. Rhett & Link

According to Forbes, these two YouTubers have 41.8 million followers, earned $20 million this year, and have 19 billion video views.


Known for her “Good Mythical Morning” series, Rhett & Link are also veteran YouTube stars. They are also the people who have always been on the list of the highest earners on YouTube in previous years.

3. Dude Perfect


The group of 5 boys has 57.5 million followers, bringing in $23 million and 2.77 billion views.
The group’s video content specializes in spectacular sports performances. In the last few years, they have also been on the list of the highest earning YouTubers.

2. MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson)

According to Forbes, MrBeast has 47.8 million followers, earned $24 million and has 3 billion video views.


MrBeast’s channel often attracts viewers with expensive gift and charity content. He is also one of the most watched YouTubers of 2019.

first.Ryan Kaji

And the top position on this list belongs to the 9-year-old boy Ryan with the most “huge” income in 2020 of $ 29.5 million and 12.2 billion views this year. His channel currently has 41.7 million subscribers.


Kaji is famous for his toy review videos on Ryan’s World channel and it is worth mentioning that this is not the first time he has entered the list of YouTubers with great income.​

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