Red Dead Redemption PC fanmade version “broken in the middle of the road” in regret

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In May 2010, Rockstar Games official for Red Dead Redemption launched the international gaming community, but the game was only released on PS3 and Xbox 360, then in 2016 the game continued to be released on the Xbox One platform. However, so far Red Dead Redemption is still absent on PC. And to satisfy the desire to play this game on PC, DamnedDev recently tried to remake the game on the PC platform, and shared a trailer and screenshots online.​

Trailer for PC version developed by DamnedDev

Through the software, DamnedDev has improved the visual effects of the console version of the game, making the screenshots achieve higher texture quality. At the same time, DamnedDev’s team also intends to add many other features such as image optimization, model updates, etc.

However, DamnedDev’s work did not receive the consent of Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar Games. According to DSO Gaming, Take-Two recently contacted DamnedDev, asking him to stop developing the PC version of Red Dead Redemption. Recently, DamnedDev has updated the status, expressing that it will stop developing this project in the immediate future.​


DamnedDev thinks this mod shouldn’t be “censored” because it’s not a remaster, re-release or anything like that. He also shared that he is continuing to consider legal options for the mod to continue to be developed.​


DamnedDev further revealed that Take-Two engaged in “shady behavior” when accessing his real name, address, phone number and personal email as well as those of his family members and harassing them. This is reminiscent of the incident in early August, 2K Games sent someone to the home of a streamer to investigate him when this person revealed some leaked information about Borderlands 3.

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