One Piece: 5 villains that fans want to “fly away” the most

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As we all know, in One Piece Chapter 985, Kaido cut off Orochi’s “head” after he was opposed to Kaido allying with Big Mom and starting the “New Onigashima” plan. But we still don’t know if Orochi is dead or not.


Unlike other tragic deaths like Ace’s or Whitebeard’s, many One Piece fans did not hide their “glory” when Kaido took Orochi’s life decisively.

Black beard

Blackbeard is famous for his cunning and many evil schemes, extremely ambitious for power and always aiming to become the Pirate King. That greed for power led him to act ruthlessly in recruiting the strongest prisoners of Impel Down. He let them kill each other and of course the survivors would be the strongest and he recruited.


It was Blackbeard who indirectly caused the death of Fire Fist Ace when he lured Ace into the fight with him and then captured and handed him over to the Marines. He was also the one who took advantage of Whitebeard’s fatal injury at the Battle of Marineford to kill the four emperors and steal Whitebeard’s Concussion fruit.

With all that has been done, if one day Blackbeard dies, maybe that day is also the day that many One Piece fans feel happy for a wicked man like he doesn’t exist in the storyline anymore.

Donquixote Doflamingo

Donquixote Doflamingo, nicknamed Thien Yaksha, is the captain of the Donquixote pirates, a former member of the Shichibukai, and once the most influential person in the Underworld under the alias “Joker”.​


It seemed that it was his joy to witness other people’s pain, seeing him smile all the time. Doflamingo likes to joke around with his opponents and takes pleasure in torturing them. He is arrogant, proud of himself as well as always maintaining a carefree attitude, which makes it difficult for the enemy to grasp his true thoughts.

Doflamingo is very cruel but also very personable, so there are many readers who are his fans, but there are also many who want Doflamingo to die. If this comes, perhaps the audience who hates a cruel Doflamingo at Dressrosa will be relieved soon.

Thien Long Nhan

Thien Long Nhan, also known as the World Noble. is a descendant of the 20 kings who founded the World Government 800 years ago who lived on Mariejos Sanctuary. The World Nobles are quite cruel, bossy and possess a lot of slaves as they always consider themselves a race superior to ordinary people. Therefore, they receive protection from the Government as well as the Navy.


In general, except for some people in Thien Long Nhan who are quite kind and close to the people, the vast majority of them are people who every time they appear, make One Piece readers feel angry. If there is a day when the evil of the Celestial Dragons is punished by Luffy, that will be the moment that many people look forward to the most.


Akainu is currently the Admiral of the Marines. As the current Admiralty Commander, he is ruthless, heartless, and has absolute faith in the Navy’s justice. He will kill anyone he considers evil or unjust, so to speak, in pursuit of justice to the extreme. Even for his subordinates, anyone who ran away from the battle was not spared. With the fact that he killed Ace, Akainu is now an “invincible” enemy with Luffy.


It can be said that up to the present time, Ace’s death and the moment Akainu used his magma fist to pierce the Fire Fist, ruthlessly chasing an unconscious Luffy was the image that made many viewers feel the most angry. If there is a day when Akainu is killed by Luffy to avenge his brother, that will be the day many One Piece fans feel satisfied.

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