Tencent suddenly acquired shares of the legendary father of survival Don’t Starve

Tencent bat ngo mua lai co phan cha de huyen thoai Dont Starve1ba0b735a38c0abe - Emergenceingame

Studio Klei Entertainmentdeveloper of indie hits like Mark of the NinjaDon’t Starve, Oxygen Notluded and Griftlandshas returned under the command Tencent. Klei Entertainment founder Jaime “Bigfoot” Cheng said the deal “helps the studio determine where to go and focus on their expertise, which is creating unique experiences.”

“In this agreement, Klei retains full operational and development autonomy across all studio products, including projects, personnel and many other factors,” Cheng said on the Klei forum. other. However, we will have to adjust some related administrative issues. In addition, I will continue to run the studio as before.”


Tencent is China’s largest technology corporation and a monument in the game industry. Tencent owns Riot Games, a 40% stake in Epic Games and also holds stakes in Activision, Ubisoft, Paradox Interacitve, Frontier Developments, Funcom, Fatshark and many others. The group has invested in 31 game companies in 2020 and has become the boss of several titles familiar to Western gamers such as Warframe and Gears Tactics.

The head of Klei Entertainment shared that: “Tencent is the only company that makes us feel like we will maintain the necessary level of control.” Previously, Klei Entertainment has partnered with Tencent to release games in the Chinese market since the success of Don’t Starve Together in 2016. “Chinese people make up a large percentage of Klei’s game players. and we’ve been supporting them in parallel with the North American version for several years. We don’t expect dramatic changes in the Chinese market or anywhere else, but we do expect a partnership. This will help the studio support players in China more comprehensively.”​

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