New Year of the Ox 2021 – Tao Quan makes a strong comeback?

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Since the first show aired in 2003, until now Apple Army has become an indispensable spiritual dish of families in every Tet to spring. It has become a custom that every year after the end of the last 19h news program of the year, VTV’s channels will broadcast the program Tao Quan returns to heaven. The program with the familiar trio Ngoc Hoang (artist Quoc Khanh) – Bac Dau (Morning Meritorious Artist Cong Ly) – Nam Tao (Morning Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac) will listen to the Apples, played by many familiar artists such as Meritorious Artist Chi. Trung, comedians Van Dung, Minh Hang, … reported on the situation in the underworld in the past year, incorporating humorous but extremely profound situations that made the audience laugh and laugh at the same time. Think.

Apple Quan 2019.

Therefore, the absence of Tao Quan in the past year, even though it was replaced by VFC with Tao Quan Vi Hanh and the year-end meeting program Vu Dai Today Village, still made many viewers feel “missing”. ” in the Tet.

However, 2020 is a tumultuous year with countless big and small events at home and abroad. These will be extremely rich materials for the year-end summary of the Tao Quan program. For that reason, many viewers hope that this year Tao Quan will return to be able to look back at 2020 under the familiar satirical but humorous perspective.

A few days ago, on the personal Facebook page of Meritorious Artist Chi Trung, he suddenly shared a photo of a famous set that made the name of the Tao Quan program including artists Quoc Khanh, Quang Thang, Van Dung, and Cong Ly. , Chi Trung, Xuan Bac, and Tu Long in the context of the stage look quite “heavenly”. It was the photo that ignited the hope that this year Tao Quan would return on the night of the 30th New Year when the artists’ hands were all holding thick scripts. However, the caption of this photo is “7 Dragon Warriors”, so it’s likely that the show’s name will change from year to year.

“7 Dragon Knights”.

Although before that, artist Xuan Bac had once made everyone disappointed with his statement.

Sadness in the heart.

As if to make sure once again for the audience to avoid guessing old and young, once again, artist Chi Trung posted a picture with a caption full of affirmation “Good news, that’s for sure.”

Joy in the heart.

Below the picture, there is also a comment from MC Diem Quynh, VTV’s “family member” talking about the return of the Apples. No more doubts, Tao Quan 2021 will officially make a strong comeback.

Most people predict and look forward to the report of Apple Health, because this year there are too many events related to this industry. This year, Apple Health reported only “cool face.”

Her show has finally arrived.

Let’s look forward to the comeback of this national program on the night of the 30th New Year!

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