Top 10 Korean Mobile Games with super terrible graphics can’t help but “down”

Korea is one of the “sanctuaries” of the village Mobile Games when constantly offering super products with crazy graphics and extremely bloody gameplay. Every year.. even every month.. mobile gamers have for themselves a series of games with graphics step closer to PC/Console. That’s why readers, let’s check out the titles with Emergenceingame.Com Korean Games Brand new with crazy graphics on mobile right now.


Returners takes gamers to a fantasy medieval setting where an evil force from ancient times has been revived, threatening to destroy the entire world. To face this calamity, humans have no choice but to summon the most powerful heroes in history.. bring them to the present time and fight against the evil army of the other force. This plot context is the reason for gamers to take control of a team of 5 Heroes with each person coming from a different culture and period. Divided into Warrior, Shield, Gunner and Mage classes.. These Heroes will take on a certain role on the battlefield, requiring gamers to calculate to use their full abilities. The game has a visual style that favors animation and that’s why it creates a personality in front of the player’s eyes. Characters and combat moves are not biased towards trendy effects.. but instead impressed by the developer’s stupid design.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

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Dark Avengers 3

Dark Avenger 3 – Korean ARPG title really makes gamers cling to the edge of the chair with great 3D frames, ready to challenge any super product on Mobile. The model is full of life with smooth motion, the expressive face with the shining spirit or the 3D effect that dances like a dance on the screen.. All contribute to bringing Dark Avenger 3 up and becoming graphic masterpiece Mobile right now. Not only that, Dark Avenger 3 is also impressed by Mobile’s most crazy combat style, where each blade and blade has the power to vibrate the screen. And yet, the game also adds a very eye-catching “killing” system, where gamers will rush straight to the enemy and kill them in extremely forced styles.


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Aion: Legions of War

At first glance you can see that Aion: Legions of War is a game with great graphics today on Mobile. This is because NCSoft equips the Mobile version with the Unreal Engine 4 monster, bringing eye-catching 3D frames right in the palm of the hand of gamers. The gameplay of the game does not follow the MMORPG style of its predecessor, but focuses on tactical role-playing gameplay with turn-based mechanics in the background. But unique in that Aion: Legions of War lets gamers feel the battle in a completely new perspective where the moves or skills are shown extremely vividly and realistically. The image is seen from the back of the magicians or warriors, witnessing them perform the attack on the giant super boss in front… he will lead the electric current to run down the spine of Mobile gamers.


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ArcheAge: Begins

ArcheAge: Begins lets gamers immerse themselves in style RPG Traditional on Mobile where you have the right to command a Party to participate in turn-based battles. Of course, party members will take over the normal combat mechanism with the ability to automatically attack the enemy. But don’t underestimate ArcheAge: Begins because the game still gives you the right to activate each individual’s skill, even manually adjusting the target to attack. The game makes people even more overwhelmed with countless eye-catching 3D effects.. blowing gamers away every time the character executes a move. Truly witnessing the members of the Party “flirting” crazy with overwhelming skill sets that bring fiery flames running down the player’s spine.


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Lineage II: Revolution

Like the names above, Lineage 2: Revolution is powered by Unreal Engine 4, showing through the most beautiful 3D scenes in the mobile world. The screen magic effects, the dazzling screen of fire and lightning on all four sides are the most impressive images that Lineage II: Revolution leaves in the eyes of the player. In terms of gameplay, Lineage II: Revolution is a true MMORPG with an extremely large world for gamers to freely communicate and travel wherever they want. Gamers there can interact freely with the players and the game world, whether it’s pure chat, 1v1 challenges or “sweeping” each other’s stuff. The image of people rushing in and out, accepting quests or dancing with crowds of monsters somewhere is really permanent in Lineage 2: Revolution (continued).

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