Super toxic mod for Goku to mess up GTA 5

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GTA 5 still popular today thanks to the unique Mods, which enrich the world of the game with tons of interesting content. From the ability to become superheroes with unimaginable power to the challenge of survival among the herds of undead zombies, we have never lacked “cool” Mods in GTA 5.


The latest Mod that the GTA 5 community has just received is no exception to that rule. No longer playing the role of the divine Iron Man or Hulk, now gamers will have the opportunity to become the legendary Goku ready to engulf Los Santos in his storm.


Being perfected by the infamous Modder JulioNIB – the father of Mods like Iron Man or Hulk, this Goku GTA 5 Mod gives gamers the most powerful powers of Immortal Monkey. From the usual palm attacks to the ability to teleport, from the free flight phase to the Kame move.. all Goku can do without a bit of awkwardness.

However, the ability to transform into Super Sayan has not been mentioned.. perhaps because of the complexity of character model transformation. Anyway, this Mod is still in the process of being completed, allowing gamers the right to hope that one day, they will be able to control the real Goku. GTA 5.

When the Goku Mod is officially released, Emergenceingame.Com will update you with the download address as soon as possible.


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