VLTKm – Bewildered by the picturesque Con Lon cosplay photos of the ancient land girl

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For gamers who have a strong love and passion for the game they are playing, they always have a desire to transform into the character in that game. That’s why many “unique” cosplay ideas are made by gamers themselves. Although they are not professional coser people, many times their incarnation can’t help but startle many people by the investment, careful preparation, and seriousness, especially the spirit of the original standard.

In Martial Arts Community Mobile In the past, players have also admired the impromptu cosplay photos of many gamers into the Five Poisons, Thien Nhan, Dao Hoa, Wudang, Thien Son, etc. Being transformed into the game that they played. Love is a wonderful thing that perhaps only those who have endless passion for the game can fully understand that feeling.

And recently, the community of this game, especially the fans of Con Lon, have one more opportunity to admire the cosplay photos of a female gamer on Mai Trang’s facebook account.​


Contact Mai Trang, know that she was born in 1990, currently lives and works in Nho Quan, Ninh Binh. Knowing VLTK Mobile from a classmate, Trang shared: “Playing for a while is crushing, because the configuration is beautiful, the character is beautiful. Before playing, there was only the prettiest Peach Blossom sect, I love the Peach Blossom outfit. After that, when he came out, he fell in love with the appearance of the Five Poisons. Later, VNG adjusted the appearance of Con Lon, so I switched to Con Lon again. With VLTK Mobile, the operating time is reasonable, so I can both balance housework and stay online.” Until now, Mai Trang has also been with the game for nearly a year, currently she is playing on server 357, Hao Han state with the nickname Chang_Fan.


Maybe it’s just because of the great passion for the character in the game that Mai Trang was determined to make this cosplay with the desire to once transform into her favorite character. She also “reveals” more: “My family is a construction stone mining business, the mountain mining area has a very beautiful landscape, so I think taking ancient photos is great.” Since then, the set of photos was taken in the main… quarry area.

Behind-the-scenes of her “tough” but equally memorable photo shoot.

“In order to take these photos, I had to climb back and forth with pain in both thighs and have the game deleted by my roommate holding the phone. But it’s okay, it’s beautiful, you have to take pictures if you like it”. Mai Trang shared in the group.

Here is Mai Trang’s full set of Con Lon photos, inviting gamers to admire.

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