PUBG – Stacking nearly 100 cars side by side, gamers create an unprecedented explosion

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the game with the largest number of online gamers today and it is because of such a huge community that fans have witnessed countless interesting situations. From winning by just lying in the bath to the challenge of only using a pan to fight the opponent, PUBG There is never a shortage of attractive clips from fans.


Not only that with Custom Games mode and the ability to create your own game screen, PUBG also allows players to push their creativity to the peak. Clips made by gamers WackyJacky101 execution is a prime example when he just created a huge explosion that has never been seen in PUBG.


In fact, this clip consists of two parts with the main goal of celebrating the event of reaching 50,000 followers on WackyJacky101’s Channel. The first part saw the player win 98 consecutive kills in 1 minute, which was done by 98 different players lined up on a bridge. But the most impressive is still the parking of nearly 100 different vehicles and simultaneously detonated with grenades.


The scene of nearly 100 cars exploding was like bringing an erupting volcano inside PUBG. The destructive power of the explosion was so great that the outermost motorbikes were blown into the air and shot directly at gamers standing nearby. The Jeep in the back was no better when it was shot straight into the sky and fell like rain. All that’s left of this battlefield is smoke and fire everywhere and the player’s corpse lying below. You can watch the full clip here:

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