Top 10 hiding spots on Military Island 2.0 Free Fire map

In survival shooting game game Free Fire, knowing the places to hide in the fight is just as important as choosing the place to land and loot. Here are 10 secret places to help you hide safely on Military Island 2.0 map in Free Fire.

After a long wait, finally the player Free Fire can also explore the map Bermuda Remastered 2.0 nice map Military Island 2.0, an upgraded version of the most famous map in the game. With a lot of new locations added and many changes to the infrastructure, we will have some secret places to hide and ambush enemies. And this is 10 best hiding places for players on Military Island 2.0 Free Fire map đồ.

top diem an nap in free fire map dao qua su

The best hiding place in the Free Fire military island map

10 most ideal hiding places on Military Island 2.0 map in Free Fire

1. Academy

top 10 diem an nap map dao quan su 2 0 free fire

One of the new locations added to Free Fire via a recent update, the Academy is a place for scientists and engineering engineers to research. Thanks to its height, you can also turn it into a great hiding place just by climbing up to the rooftop of the building. There, you will have a wider view while the roof functions as a great visor.

2. Observatory

top 10 vi tri an nap map dao quan su free fire

Located on the west side of the island, the Observatory is a tall building where you’ll get a super-wide view. Use the launch pad to land on the top of the building and you can get a panoramic view from there.

3. Hangar

10 micro tri tron ​​in knife through su free fire

The Hangar has always been a hot loot spot in Free Fire. However, not everyone knows that they can also hide safely on one of the two warehouse roofs located in the middle of the area.

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4. Aden’s Creek

dia diem an nap in you do dao quan su free fire best

Another new location on the Military Island 2.0 map is Aden’s Creek, located right next to the Hangar. There is a wooden house on the village side where you can hide in the basement.

5. Nurek Dam

but vi tri an nap is the best in the map dao quan su free fire

Nurek Dam is also a new location with many hiding places. This is the power station located in the north of the island. There are several secret places where you can keep yourself safe and shoot down your enemies at the same time. Try to get under the dam’s bridges and you’ll be completely covered.

6. Peak

garena free fire vi tri an nap best map dao quan su

Although it is a familiar location for many players, it still has some hiding places that few people know about. The easiest trick is to go to the 2nd floor of a random house, build a glue wall to climb to the roof and you can easily finish many opponents from there.

7. Samurai’s Garden

but vi tri an nap in the map dao quan su free fire tot

Separated from the main island, Samurai’s Garden or cherry garden is a Japanese-style estate where you’ll find the largest building in the center of the site. It is not difficult to get to the top of the building. Make sure you are the first to get there to get as much advantage as possible.

8. Pochinok

top diem an nap map dao quan su free fire

In the center of Pochinok town, you will see a two-story building. Although it seemed impossible to get to the rooftop, the way to do it was too easy. You can hop on a tire to get to the rooftop of a nearby house. And then you will find another tire on the roof to go to the destination.

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9. Shipyard

vi tri an nap in the map dao quan su free fire tot

At the shipyard you will find a huge aircraft carrier and the fastest way to get there is using the launch pad in the corner of the yard. You can also find some great items in the area so don’t miss this place.

10. Village near Hangar

top vi tri tron ​​best free fire dao qua su

In case you didn’t know, there is an abandoned village near Hangar and it would be a great hiding place for campers. Use the glue stick to climb to the roof of the house if you need a clearer view to shoot.

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Above are the top 10 most ideal hiding places for Free Fire players on Military Island 2.0 map. Memorize the names of these locations and you’ll be able to secure yourself and ambush your enemies.
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