Instructions to get high scores in the mini game My Talking Tom – Part 2

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In part 2, continues to introduce to you the tips of playing the mini game My Talking Tom to maximize the score and earn a lot of gold in the game.

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Mini game 8: Whack a Mouse – game smashing mouse

My Talking Tom

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In this game, you need to smash the mouse and eat coins at the same time. Every time you hit, the coins will move towards Tom Cat as on the picture. You can beat continuously to let the coin slide down, but you need to pay attention to the mice running on the screen. The green mice will be able to suddenly change direction to run, making you unable to keep up, their movement speed is also faster than brown mice. If you let “falling in the net” 5 mice you will lose. Note, the difficulty as well as the game speed will increase over time.

Mini game 9: Cats & Cans

My Talking Tom My Talking Tom

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This game requires you to be very focused to choose the position “hide” of the cat Tom. Amount “trash can” also increases with your progress in the game. Once you guess wrong, you will lose immediately but for each correct guess you get 1 gold.

Mini game 10: Happy Face

Happy Face is one of the mini games “born” earliest in My Tom. Your task is to choose a smiley face that is different from the rest in the game. It can be the face of cat Tom, cat Angela, cat Ginger, dog Ben, parrot Pierre.

My Talking Tom

Mini game 11: Dress Up

In Dress Up, you’ll see the uncle’s model Tom Cat Wear different outfits including hat, fur color, eyes, etc. and do exactly the same as the original image. For each correct choice you get 1 gold coin. The difficulty of the game also increases, at first Tom only wears simple costumes, the player also has few options, but the longer you play, the more interesting you will feel. Because, My Tom will wear more clothes and choosing clothes is also a lot more complicated.

My Talking Tom

Mini game 12: Memory

Memory is an attractive intellectual game that you can play with others by choosing a 2-player mode. In this game, you need to choose pairs of similar images to remove them from the screen and eat coins. The time factor also plays an important role because you are forced to find enough matching pairs in the required time while the number of images increases with the progress of the player.

my talking tom

Above are simple instructions to help you easily pass 12 mini games in My Talking Tom for phones and tablets.

Have fun playing the game!

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