How to change the aiming distance in PUBG Mobile

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The new PUBG Mobile shooter not only adds new features, but also allows players to change the distance of sight without changing the viewfinder. This is one of the handy features that players feel quite excited about because there is no need to pick up too many Scope as before.

If you’ve played PUBG Mobile, you all understand the importance of a sniper in this survival game. Not only can you ambush and attack from afar, but also help destroy the opponent quickly, without exposing your position and thereby easier to win.

Adjust focus while aiming in PUBG Mobile
Focus change is a new feature of PUBG Mobile 0.10.5

One annoyance, however, is that the apertures will no longer be suitable when the ring is retracted. Specifically, if you have a Scope x8 at the beginning, it will be great because the map is a large area right now. It gives you an advantage and at the same time restrains the enemy from seeing, attacking in reverse. However, the more the end, as the ring shrinks, the focal length of x8 no longer matches, now it makes more sense to use x2, x3 or Red dot, but you don’t have them. Using x8 is too big, when the target moves fast, you will die for sure.

So what to do now? The answer is simple, you can completely change the focus, change the distance of the viewfinder with a single operation.

Change the viewfinder focus in PUBG Mobile

The way to do this is quite simple, you just need to log in to your gaming account, then play as usual.

Screen play PUBG Mobile when not in use

After you have found the scope, click right mouse button to turn on the crosshair as usual. Now you will see right above there is a new icon (Adjust) as below. You can touch it if you are playing PUBG Mobile on your phone or press CTRL on the keyboard if playing through a computer emulator and then adjust.

New icon

Now you just need to mouse scroll Up or down, a slider will appear as below. Because in the tutorial, the writer found it and turned on Scope x8 so it should look like the one below.

  • x8: Aim with the largest standard focal length x8.
  • x4: Aim with minimum standard focal length x4.
  • Symbol Icon: Close the custom slider.

Use Scope 8Adjust the slider to change focus

Roll again and again, you will notice that the focus of the viewfinder changes and the subject of view will also get smaller. Scroll down to decrease focus, scroll up to increase. With this change, players can only pick up a single scope and can play PUBG Mobile comfortably without worrying about the last tip.


  • This feature is only available when you have x6 and x8 scopes.
  • With each Scope will be able to make changes in 3 different focal lengths (largest – smallest – average) corresponding to the viewfinder itself. Specifically:
    • With x6 scope is: x6 – x4 -x2
    • With x8 scope is: x8 – x6 – x3

Change target 8 to 6

How to change focus when aiming in PUBG Mobile:

This is an extremely reasonable and interesting new improvement of PUBG Mobile, because now we no longer need two scopes and can still fight well at any point in the game.

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