Instructions on how to destroy the bosses in Mega Man X5 – Part 1

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Megaman X5 is the 5th version and is also considered one of the most successful in the Megaman X robot series. With a new interface and sharp sound, Megaman X5 promises to draw you into the adventure. the wonder of our two heroes Reploid X and Zero.

Mega Man X is the famous Rockman robot game series and is attached to the childhood of many people. However, “breaking the island” in this familiar scene-style action game is not easy at all, is it? So you can refer to the instructions on how to destroy the bosses (boss) in the game Mega Man X5.

Mega Man X5

Two heroes X and Zero in Mega Man X5

Like previous versions of Mega Man X, part X5 still has 2 characters, X and Zero. First, we will learn through the characteristics of the two characters X and Zero in the game to be able to utilize their abilities in the most appropriate way.

  • X: Using mainly ranged weapons, after fighting bosses can get interesting moves. X has sThe defense and attack are relatively strong, but they fight poorly when in close contact with the enemy
  • Zero: Used mainly close-range weapons. After defeating the boss, there will be close palm and some ranged palm. The attack speed is quite fast, can jump 2 steps. And Zero’s weakness is weak defense when fighting bosses đánh

Here are detailed instructions on how to destroy each boss in the game Mega Man X5.

Mission and first boss:

When you choose the character X or Zero, you will start the game. Go ahead and use your basic attacks because the monsters in the first mission are quite weak, you can easily defeat them. Continue avoiding traps and obstacles until you reach a white statue (as shown below).

Mega Man X5

Climb the stairs next to the statue to meet the first boss

Climb up the stairs next to the statue’s foot and jump quickly so as not to be killed by the metal banks. At this point, one character (X or Zero) will be knocked down and the remaining character alone will fight the giant boss.

Mega Man X5

Attack and defend at the same time to defeat the first boss trùm

When entering the battle it will shoot a giant purple light towards the character, with this move, you should sit down… For X, sit and gather your palm and shoot again, and with Zero, wait when it stops. and then counterattack. To deal with the boss’s next move, you also have to sit and then shoot. Next, it will shoot out golden orbs and then fly straight at you, jump on the wall and dodge… Repeat this many times, you will kill it and the mission is done!

After defeating the boss above, wait for the conversations to continue and you will get a list of bosses to defeat on the left side of the screen such as Panther Leopard, Ink Monster Squid, Machine Bee and Dolphin Ice Whale….

Kill the Panther Leopard:

Click on the cheetah in the list and the new quest will begin. Along the way, you will encounter Monster monsters that are easily defeated and countless obstacles such as pits, running trains, bombs… After eating the Energy tank and going a little further you will Go inside the enemy base. You will see an empty space above your head as soon as you enter the gate of that base. At this point, let Zero jump 2 steps and a shoe-shaped item of X will appear (this item belongs to X’s first armor). If you control X, let him jump on the wall next to it to climb up to get items.

Once you get the item, keep going until you meet the next boss, which is the Panther newspaper. Its characteristics are weak moves and very afraid of Flower bullets (poisonous flowers) but has a special talent… sneak attack. Be careful with the drill from underground, or go to the opposite side of the screen and pounce on the character. To deal with Panther, jump all over the screen and every time it misses, take advantage of an immediate counterattack. When there is a little blood left, it will go crazy and go butt from top to bottom or from bottom to top continuously. At that time, jump as far as you can and shoot it in the head a few times and it will die.

Completing this mission, X will get crescent-shaped bullets and Zero will be stronger and stronger, able to roll and slash at the same time.

Machine Bee:

After jumping into the next screen, our character will continue to encounter unexpected obstacles such as piles of iron poles, puppets, chain traps on the head, Fire Dinosaur… Overcoming the final hanging plates. At the end you will meet a head of Sigma. Note that if you let five enter, your character will gradually lose health.

Mega Man X5

Destroy the Laser Machines before meeting the Machine Bee

Next you will meet the sub-boss and defeat it is not difficult. The screen will appear 5 pillars for you to climb and 3 Laser machines. Shoot at the black laser machine because only it loses health and dodge the bullets of 2 red lasers. After defeating the sub-boss, continue until you see a small space and there are a few orange balls shot down, then climb up there. Use the Panther’s bullets to blow up the orb launcher. And the secret door will explode with it. Going inside, you will get the item that is the magic gauntlet of armor 1 for X. Soon, the boss machine Bee will appear. Let X use bullets and shoot normally, and if it’s Zero, use Panther’s jump and slash. This one is weak and quick to die, when it is almost out of health it will fly very fast and continuously use Green Laser to shoot at you.

Completing this level, X will get chasing bullets (when firing can adjust the path of bullets).

Hopefully the above instructions will help you successfully destroy the difficult bosses in Mega Man X5. Have fun playing the game!

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