‘Attack on Titan’ spin-off anime releases crazy dramatic trailer

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24th episode of manga best seller Attack on Titan It is expected to start releasing from December 8 this year. Previously, there was information from the publisher that the side story of the famous manga Attack on TitanLost Girls will produce the animated version. This anime will premiere at the same time as the 24th, 25th, and 26th episodes of the series. And finally did not disappoint the fans, anime Just released the latest trailer. The spin-off cartoon was born to delve into the characters’ own stories as well as the secrets that few people know. Main character in anime Lost Girls it’s two girls Annie and Mikasa.


Non-fiction novels Lost Girls Written by anime screenwriter Hiroshi Seko. The novel is divided into 3 chapters in total, in order the part about Mikasa (Lost in the cruel world), the section about Annie (Wall Sina, Goodbye) and the part about both Mikasa and Annie (Lost Girls). Because in the manga and anime, both of these characters are quiet people, so the author decided to create this novel for fans of the manga. Attack on Titan can step into the inner world of two girls and better understand the secret things in their hearts. The most unique feature of the series is that at the end of chapter 1, when Annie was revealed to be a female Titan, Mikasa cut off this female Titan’s finger and then recalled her time at the training camp with her. the story between her and Annie.


In this trailer, the plot mainly focuses on the Wall Sina, Goodbye by Annie. The trailer depicts the hidden corners of female Titan Annie’s life, the difficulties and sufferings she has had to go through, promising to have even more attractive surprises when the anime is officially released.

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