Today, Rules of Survival updated the new map 8×8 with up to 300 players

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As usual, this afternoon from 14-16h, NetEase will carry out maintenance, update and fix the error for Rules of Survival mobile. In this update, which many gamers RoS Expected in the past time will be officially launched – Battlefield survival 300 People. With this new game mode, gamers will also be taken to a new map with an area of ​​8km*8km larger than the old map (6km*6km). This new map will be divided into 2 main islands (1 small, 1 large) and connected by 4 bridges.


In the old map with 120 people, we had a lot of hot spots with fighting right from the first round after landing. In this new map, although the area is larger, the number of players has increased a lot – 180 more players, so the number of hotspots will increase, the scale of the fights from the beginning of the game will be large. more. The battle for survival of each gamer will also become fiercer and more difficult. Above all, with 4 bridges, when playing in this game mode, those who like bridge camp will also have the opportunity to show their abilities. The 300-person survival battle with a brand new map promises to bring a lot of fun for players! So don’t miss it this afternoon after maintenance!


In addition, at the update This ROS mobile also has some other new updates such as:

  • New Aerial Vehicles: Skydiving, Zipline
  • New watercraft: naval war: Hovercraft
  • New land vehicle: SUV
  • Drawing airplanes
  • Car shooting
  • Valentine’s New Fashion
  • Valentine’s Drift Bottle Activity
  • Double rating timer operation.

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