Download now Blade Reborn – Diablo-standard ARPG of the creator of Nine Yin

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Snail Games is a famous name in the world Online Game village, especially with the series The Nine Yin Chan Kinh Popular on PC as well as Mobile. That’s why when this big guy launches new products, gamers are always excited about the opportunity to experience many quality games. Blade Reborn – Rookies ARPG has just been put into Open Beta by Snail Games, which is a typical example of that image.


Different from the usual ancient martial arts style of Snail Games, Blade Reborn put on a coat of bold Western colors with the game allowing gamers to immerse themselves in the dark and ghostly scene of Diablo. Now entering the Open Beta phase and open to the entire world, Blade Reborn is ready for readers to download the experience right now.

If you feel unable to hold back.. readers can go straight to the bottom of the article and download Blade Reborn for free from now on.


As mentioned, Blade Reborn brings gamers to a dark world with strong inspiration from the legendary Diablo series. From the Gothic ruins of the temple dormant in the dark, the flames rising from the sword licking the monster’s body, to the countless amounts of money and items scattered on the ground.. all all bring the color of Diablo in every step gamers take.


It’s also because of watching Diablo to learn Blade Reborn Let gamers experience the hot combat phase before the herd of monsters. The image of the blade sweeping through layers of foreign objects rushing in front and then extended by ground-vibration techniques.. will indeed give gamers a rare hand feeling on Mobile.


Dive into the gameplay with the full system of an authentic ARPG game, allowing gamers to develop characters through items and a rather massive skill system. Not only the character itself, but the player can also take care of the pets that can ride straight to the battlefield… although not new, it is a sufficient condition to attract players to invest effort in the game.

Thunderstorms have been long, now it’s time for you to enjoy Blade Reborn by downloading the game for free directly here:

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