Short Fused – When the classic snake game is no longer simply hunting

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The gameplay of snakes of prey is already familiar to everyone and does not need to be re-introduced. Everyone who uses a phone has played through it, from the early black and white era, to the smart phone life with more beautiful graphics and colors. Even though snakes of prey are now very popular, added and removed with difficulty and many challenges, but for you surely, snakes of prey on nokia are still among the most classic today.


However, we still have to temporarily forget the things that are only memories, to come to an equally attractive game, this can be considered a combination of games. snake and pacman one time classic. The name mentioned here is Short Fuseda game from Big Blue Bubble, will definitely not let you down.

Short Fused is still the classic snake game, reminding you of the old “taste”, but there are also a few small changes as mentioned above in combination with the pacman game. This is also an intellectual game, in the game the player will have to avoid inedible things, or it is your enemy, your task is to collect puzzle pieces, to help you escape the maze, through The game’s trailer can be noticed that the gameplay of the game is also quite diverse, no longer stopping at the hunting mission.


Now the game is available on all platforms, if you love snake game, please download and try it out.

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