Break your heart with the killer escape game Killer Escape 4

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For mobile gamers, the name The Room must have become so familiar when it was dubbed as one of the most addictive puzzle masterpieces ever. There players will face extremely complex challenges but strongly arouse curiosity and creativity. But the writer would like to ask.. What if we left the slow, leisurely, having enough time of the whole world to ponder with a savage killer that follows you every step of the way, ready to spit your head if not timely solve the puzzles?

The answer to that image is Killer Escape 4.. the game has just brought a crazy bloodlust to the Mobile platform, ready for you to challenge your heart rate by download games for free from now on.


As a genre of “escape game”, Killer Escape 4 not only challenges gamers in their ability to calculate and solve tricky puzzles.. but also pushes you into crazy stressful situations and races against time. time. Facing challenges when being calm is already difficult, now with a humanoid monster that follows every step you take, you will become even more frantic before fear hovering over your head.


In terms of puzzles, Killer Escape 4 delves into the types of machines with a rather complex and transitive mechanism of action. This makes gamers have to tinker with essential items in activating them. These systems, as mentioned, will operate with close linkage.. ie activate machine A, then machine B can operate.. thereby creating a maze that makes gamers have to be quick if not. wanna die.


If you’re a fan of The Room and want challenges in both math and nerves, then Killer Escape 4 will become the “door of death” inviting you. So what are you waiting for without downloading this unique Mobile game for free directly here:

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