Toby: The Secret Mine – Crazy obsession with Limbo’s brothers

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There is an innocent boy walking between the murky realm that extends between earth and hell named Limbo. There is a heartbreaking story about a little soul searching for a missing sister. There is a journey full of dark, sick, terrifying and sad things… that up to 6 years since the first day of arrival still haunts the minds of those who have walked through. That influence also has a strong impact on the titles that follow… with Toby: The Secret Mine is a prime example. Created by the exclusive developer Lukas Navratil, Toby: The Secret Mine promises to bring back the vitality and obsession that Limbo once left in the virtual world.

Trailer game Toby: The Secret Mine.


From gameplay style to visuals, Toby: The Secret Mine really recreate the day Limbo. In the game you will get acquainted with the environment designed in the direction of the horizontal screen with the ability to move, jump back and forth and interact with the obstacles that the game poses. It can be pulling and pushing wooden crates to reach higher positions, swinging slats to knock down walls or solving other difficult puzzles.


But it’s not just prudence and calculation, Toby: The Secret Mine It also brings players to action scenes that require extremely fast reflexes. Sometimes you’ll have to control Toby across collapsing bridges, jump over cliffs up and down with an ax swinging back and forth over his head, or quickly flick the rails with an impossible ice wagon. brake again. Accuracy and speed here will decide everything because only a small distance from the position to set foot, Toby’s body will be chopped by countless dangerous traps.


The familiarity of Limbo in Toby: The Secret Mine is also reflected in the graphic style. With the dominant black color always making darkness cover all the surrounding scenery, helping the game create a feeling of gloom and loneliness. But unlike Limbo, Toby also adds many other color elements and effects to help the game’s world come to life. It can be the white of snow, the fiery red of lava or the yellow light that accidentally penetrates a ravine somewhere, creating a feeling that is both strange and interesting for the player.


Toby: The Secret Mine with the familiar values ​​of Limbo and new features incorporated into the image, promising to give us the opportunity to see the strong obsession again. Readers can download the game for free here:

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