After watching this clip, you just want to jump right into PUBG to dry

GameHubVN Xem xong Clip nay ban chi muon nhay ngay vao PUBG de say 11 - Emergenceingame

Since PUBG become a phenomenon in the world gaming village, YouTube also publishes a lot of content related to this super product. New Channels are therefore also built around PUBG with extremely cool clips. Most of these clips are taken from Gameplay without any tweaking or harsh effects.. sometimes making it difficult for viewers to feel the unique spice of each Channel.


However with Threatty is different. Although not a terrorist or being watched by as many people as Shroud, Aculite nice JackFrags… but Threatty shows a unique style on his Channel. Clips made by him always have one thing in common.. that is burning heat with crazy bombardment and “howling” music in the ears. Not believe? You can see the work of “Threatty” live here.

Threatty’s specialty, as we’ve seen, is its superb gaming skills and powerful music integration. Sometimes it’s epic Epic songs like battle drums, sometimes the Metal sound vibrates the screen. Not only that, this Youtuber also integrates a slow-motion effect every time he kills an enemy with a sniper rifle, which really makes viewers feel as “pressurized” as the movie. After watching it, there’s probably not one of us who doesn’t want to jump right into PUBG.


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