Knives Out – PUBG Mobile has a 36km2 map on Android!

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Storm PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is sweeping through the world of gaming and Mobile is no exception. In fact, right now, the Mobile gaming community has a lot of different options in hand. Bullet Strike, Free Fireuntil Rules of Survival nice Survival Royale. However, one of the first names that caught the attention of the gaming community was Knives Out – international version of Terminator 1.


However, in the early days of officially setting foot on the world market, Knives Out only “made an appointment” with the iOS platform, making the Android gamers feel frustrated. However, that story is different now when Knives Out has officially launched the Google Play field over the weekend, ready for readers with Android devices to enjoy. Download Knives Out for free right now.


Knives Out can be considered as one of the titles PUBG Mobile The most terrorist today with massive map scale and gameplay. There the game reproduces properly PUBG with giving 100 gamers compete on the map with the sole goal of finding the last survivor. Not only that, the game also has a specialized weapon and equipment system with a full mechanism of accessories, armor, hats as well as healing items.


Besides, Knives Out also has an extremely terrifying map with an area up to 36 square kilometers and many construction areas that serve as loot locations as well as entrenchments for players. In addition, players can also choose between Solo, Duo or Squad mode… allowing players to gather their friends to face crazy challenges in Knives Out.

Like I said, after a while Knives Out officially released on both iOS and Android.. ready for readers to enjoy by download games for free directly here:

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