3 indie games introduced at PAX East that you should check out

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At the fair PAX East This year, a series of titles by indie developers were introduced to fans. Obviously, not all of them can make an impression, but many of them have left a deep impression on those who have tried them. Here are 3 games that Emergenceingame.Com believes readers should check out if they want to enjoy unique dishes from little-known studios but still have enough “quality”.

Monster Prom – When monsters date
Monster Prom is a multiplayer dating game with extremely interesting competition. You and 3 other people will have to participate in a 3-week in-game race to seduce and entice the target to participate in the school prom. The difference compared to other dating games is that you will have to play the role of a monster, in a monster high school, and will have to show your “worst” side to have a chance to date someone. Frozen Gorgon (Medusa), or a dashing Devil. Things would be very different in the monster world, you know!


You and other players will have to take turns making choices to impress the person you want to date. You will have to participate in gym classes, movie clubs, or even skip school to “kill” the lowly creatures called “humans”… All to make the guy good The girl noticed me. Your choices will be evaluated based on criteria such as “cold”, “sexy” or “money”… Different monsters will have different personalities, so you must always pay attention to how to which they react to their actions if they want to succeed. Remember, this is a competitive game, so doing it well is not enough. You have to do better than others to win.

Monster Prom doesn’t force you to play with 3 other opponents, but things will be more fun if you do. For those who love dating games and have like-minded friends to play with, then Monster Prom is definitely an absolute choice not to be missed. The game will be released on PC, Mac and Linux on April 27, 2018.

Rico – When John Wick was a cop

When the song “I hate cop” plays in the trailer, do you think you will be playing the role of a crime boss with this game? The answer is no. Your character is a cop, with the task of taking down as many bad guys as possible when attacking the crime dens. This is a first-person shooter game with co-op mode, so you can do everything with your teammates. The funnest part of the game, probably the moment you kick in the door, everything goes into slow motion, so you can take out as many enemies as possible. In general, this is a game that gives you the feeling of playing the role of John Wick, when you can describe the conflict between dozens of enemies and become the “Boggart” of the criminal world.
Rico will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Intergalactic Space Princess – Princess of the Milky Way


Intergalactic Space Princess is a point-and-click adventure game with the content about Meline, a 14-year-old girl who is not a princess of the galaxy. But that’s what she wanted. The plot of the game is a cute and interesting story, mixed between the mysterious elements of science fiction and the everyday life of a teenage girl. It all started on Halloween, when Meline put on a homemade “space princess” costume, even though she was not invited to the party. Unfortunately, the little princess is sent by her mother to run errands, and when she returns home, Meline encounters a bunch of alien monsters. It sounds a lot like the “be careful what you wish for” motif, but the way Meline solves the problem is really impressive and worth the player’s memory.

Intergalactic Space Princess is a simple and easy game to play, even for those unfamiliar with the point-and-click genre. The game will be released on iOS in late 2018 or early 2019.

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