Legendary JRPG Chrono Trigger suddenly released a new Update on Mobile

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Chrono Trigger Born in 1995 under the hands of Square Enix (Japan), the development team includes a “Dream Team” full of people who contributed to the creation of Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and especially the character creation. Akira Toriyama (author of Dragon Ball) performed. In fact Chrono Trigger regularly ranked at the top of the best JRPG game reviews in history, even the best RPG game.


In this March, Chrono Trigger Mobile version released new update, including controller support and image quality enhancement. The virtual controller is also set to be more sensitive. The plot remains the same as the original version, including journeys along the timeline, from the past, present to the future, with the ultimate mission to save the world.

Chrono Trigger game trailer (Steam version released with mobile update)

The battle system in the game is a unique combination of Final Fantasy and enemies that move around the field depending on the attack. In addition, gamers can perform many different types of combos, in total there are more than 50 types of combos from easy to complex, some combos require a combination of all 3 characters in the team at the same time.

The mobile update is rolling out at the same time as the Steam version of Chrono Trigger.

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