Tips to get free Sugar Happiness Hotpot Diamonds

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Duong Hanh Phuc Hot Pot Shop is a restaurant management game, putting players in the role of a hot pot manager, using the trick to get free Diamonds. Many delicious recipes and dishes attract more guests to your restaurant.

Diamond is a rare currency in the Hot Pot Shop on the road of happiness, thanks to it you can unlock many new features such as creating dishes, adding new staff… Tips for playing Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop easily earn diamonds without any deposit.

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Instructions to receive free Diamonds from Sugar Happiness Hotpot Shop

Tips to get free Diamonds in Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop

1. Enter Code Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop
Entering the code Happy Sugar Hot Pot is the safest and fastest way to get free Diamonds, and players will have more spices or ingredients to cook and prepare new dishes without having to search.

Refer: Code Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop

2. Watch ads to get diamonds
This is the most common way seen in many games. You only need to spend 30 seconds to watch the ad and then you will receive 10 diamonds.
– Gamers can see many ads to increase the number of diamonds received. To see the ad you need to click on plus icon => choose Take.

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3. Inaugural Wine Party Bonus Spin
You can earn diamonds at this feature. However, you can only spin 20 diamonds and this way is a bit risky. Every day, players will be rewarded with one free spin and if you want to spin more you have to use diamonds in exchange for spins (20 diamonds = 1 spin). – To spin the opening Wine Party bonus, you need to press Shop => press Opening party => click bonus withdrawal.


4. Get Diamonds Through Fortune Cats
This way is very few people interested because the number of diamonds is quite small and does not appear often. The genius cat will give the player a few diamonds, along with spices for you to pair with items in the creation of five flavors.
With only the above tips, you can easily get precious diamonds without losing any money, no need Loading up the game Diamond Hotpot Shop Happy Street There is still a kc to use to buy things, don’t miss the opportunity to get free Diamonds in Duong Hanh Phuc Hot Pot Shop, the hottest new restaurant management game today.

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