Top solo champions in season 11 of Arena of Valor

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Arena of Valor has entered season 11 with many changes in generals, the following article will introduce you to the top solo generals in season 11 of Arena of Valor, a position that requires extremely high skills and a cool head. cold, so calm can handle it.

The generals of Arena of Valor with the ability to solo lane are relatively mobile champions or have good resistance to be able to survive in the face of odd ganks surrounded by many enemies. Both have the ability to deal great hand damage or a multi-use skill set to be able to master Caesar’s path.

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Top solo champions in season 11 of Arena of Valor

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1. Florentino

As an extremely powerful assassin fighter and trusted by many high-ranked gamers, Florentino can maximize his effectiveness in solo roles such as jungle, but especially when soloing Caesar. Florentino’s passive and abilities 1, 2 give him an extremely annoying poke and the ability to permanently increase his attack, making this champion more and more powerful towards the end of the game.

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2. Richter

As a highly trusted general used in rank climbing, Richter has a very effective solo lane ability thanks to the transformation of the sword he uses. Immune to damage, speed up running, speed up attack… Solo general Richter can turn any terrain he stands on to his advantage. If he’s in the jungle, Richter can ambush very well, but when he’s solo, it’s really formidable.

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3 Zuka

Zuka’s greatest strength is mobility, Zuka does not need to consume mana and can move very quickly, overcome any obstacle, so that this champion can quickly roam to gank and then immediately return. to the old way. So even when solo lane, Zuka can still do a lot of different things. In addition, Zuka’s damage and resistance at the beginning of the game is extremely large, and her mobility makes this champion very difficult to defeat. The ability to control and poke, disrupt the enemy champion that can’t farm safely also creates a great advantage for teammates and helps reduce the power of solo enemy champions in the early game.

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4. Yena

As an assassin fighter, Yena is a new champion that is extremely difficult to play, but if mastered, will become a nightmare on the battlefield. Up to 7 moves with the ability to put huge damage on a wide range, Yena can also slow down, block moves, knock up opponents. If you go solo and meet Yena, determine to be very careful if you don’t want to eat Yena’s skill combo, your chance of survival will be 0%.

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5. Omen

Considered a monster in combat, when solo lane Omen will create tremendous pressure to suppress the opponent’s champion. Good resistance, difficult to control, great damage and extremely annoying pokes. Omen will make the enemy champion unable to farm while himself is very leisurely. Omen is strong from the passive, so even though he doesn’t get many items at the beginning of the game, Omen is still an invincible in early fights, champions with average health or less if they don’t know how to avoid fighting with Omen. will surely be mercilessly beaten by him.

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Above are the top champions with the best solo lane ability in season 11 of Arena of Valor, remember that the solo lane position is an extremely difficult position, a very balanced position that requires very good skills and a cool head, always Calm. So even if you already own all of the above generals, it is still important to constantly practice to improve your level, so as not to be bored with any opponent, wish you a happy game and Rank up quickly. You can refer to Top General carrying the team season 11 Arena of Valor to choose for themselves the most suitable champion.

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