Tips to play Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop for newbies

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For those who are new to the restaurant management game Happy Sugar Hot Pot Restaurant, quickly leveling up, unlocking more features, getting more recipes and a few tips to play Happy Sugar Hot Pot Restaurant for newcomers to retain customers. customers, improving hot pot restaurant management skills is absolutely necessary.

Hanh Phuc Hot Pot Restaurant puts you in the role of the owner of a hotpot restaurant, you step by step develop the restaurant to attract many customers to eat, develop into a famous restaurant. Beside Download Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop then you should also use Code regularly to get off to a good start.

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How to play Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop for newbies

Tips for playing My Hotpot Story for restaurant development

1. Manage your expenses well
When starting out, players should focus on revenue and cost management. Because good cost management is extremely necessary, improve and upgrade your restaurant, increase your income.

2. Complete the quest
If you want to have a stable income, completing the task is the right thing to do. When completing an assigned task, you not only receive experience points but also a decent bonus, use them to upgrade your restaurant or earn new food recipes, increase the star rating of Happy Sugar Hotpot Restaurant. than.

3. Recruiting more staff
Players can earn extra income when all the employees work hard, each in charge of a different task. If your staff work hard, attentive and dedicated to customers, your restaurant will be appreciated, your reputation will fly far, thereby attracting more customers.


4. Enter the code Happy Sugar Hotpot Shop
Regularly accessing and using the latest Happy Sugar Hotpot Code every day will give gamers free ingredients, recipes, diamonds, … or special items to develop restaurants. mine.

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5. Upgrade, create new recipes
This is the most appreciated point of the game Happy Sugar Hot Pot Shop, you can cook more diverse and rich new dishes yourself, attracting many diners to the restaurant. Then you start shopping for new decorative furniture or upgrade the infrastructure, increase the number of customers coming to the shop …. Depending on the upgrades, your restaurant will be rewarded with the following indicators:
– Exterior decoration will attract potential customers.
– Decorate the lobby to attract more customers, increase dining time and increase idle money.
– Decorate the kitchen to speed up cooking time and generate idle money.
– VIP decoration, Theater and Buffet will open up new dining areas.
=> This is one of the important factors determining the overall rating of a hot pot restaurant.

Hopefully, with these tips for playing Happy Sugar Hotpot for new players, it will help attract more potential customers and improve your restaurant’s reputation. Also if necessary you can Loading up the game Happy Street Hotpot Shop, use diamonds to buy items when needed. Wish you happy gaming.

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