Linh Ngoc Dam revealed that she used to love a same-sex person and her boyfriend’s reaction to the rumor of revealing a “hot” clip

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As one of the most famous and successful female streamers today, the stories surrounding her private life Linh Ngoc Dam can’t help but make a lot of fans extremely interested, especially in the love story. However, she proved to be extremely private when she rarely shared about her other half. But in the most recent vlog, the female streamer for the first time shared quite openly about her past love situation, current boyfriend as well as some secret stories in her love with all fans.


Among them, the question that Linh Ngoc Dam received the most was “Does Linh like boys or girls?”. It seems that this is a rather sensitive issue and the respondents will find a way to avoid it. However, our female streamer proved to be extremely frank when sharing that among the most important factors for her to choose a person by her side, there is no gender factor. That means Linh Ngoc Dam is both attracted to boys, attracted to girls, and even the other sex. She revealed that she used to like a guy of the 3rd gender and didn’t care that people just liked her back just like two sisters.

Also in this vlog, Linh Ngoc Dam first shared about her current boyfriend with the intimate name – BUT. It is known that the Buddha is a friend of female streamer Uyen Pu and the two met on an outing. However, the two did not pay much attention to each other when they first met. After a while, Linh had a girlfriend, then when there was a problem with her girlfriend, it was the Buddha who was there to confide, comfort and encourage Linh. “When I felt the most depressed, the Buddha appeared.” Linh shared.


What Linh likes most in her boyfriend is the subtlety, knowing how to take care of her, taking the initiative to care about her from the smallest things, from what she doesn’t like to eat, where she is tired, where she hurts. where…vv Being a very busy person, Linh Ngoc Dam really has such a caring person by her side. He is also a man of few words, only expressing himself through actions.


At a time when the internet was buzzing with cases related to female streamers whose “hot” clips with ex-lovers were revealed, Linh Ngoc Dam tried to please her boyfriend with a question. “If I was in that situation, what would you do?” And the Buddha’s answer could not help but make her emotional, but remembered forever later: “No matter what, I fell in love with him, but loving him is also loving his past. So if that past was revealed, it would have already been missed. And the fact that I love you cannot change.” (Buddha called Linh Ngoc Dam “grandfather”). Just a few days after the above question, Linh Ngoc Dam was immediately caught in the “seal” case when she was attached to a sex clip and spread online. It was the Buddha who quietly stood up and explained to everyone when any friends and relatives asked about this matter.


With the above sharing, the fans all admire in advance Linh Ngoc Dam’s love as well as congrats to her when she has found her wonderful half, loves her so much!

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