How to add a layer of clouds and upgrade the pot in the Garden on Cloud

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If you are a fan of farm games, you cannot ignore the Garden on the Cloud. This is a game where we can freely plant the plants we like on the clouds, in addition, people can explore more other lands in the game.

For those who play Cloud Garden, they are familiar with two features: upgrading pots and adding clouds. This will help our garden become more beautiful and let others know what premium pots we have obtained. Because of this, today we will guide everyone to upgrade pots and add clouds in the Cloud Garden with a few simple steps, invite you to join us.

How to add clouds and upgrade pots

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1. How to add a cloud layer in the Garden on the Cloud

Step 1: To be able to add clouds, the first thing we need to do is press the button Open the clouds on the screen.

Click Open Cloud Layer

Step 2: Next, we click the button Unlock when qualified to add clouds.

Click Unlock

Step 3: Once the new layer has been opened, you can place the pot in and plant the plant.

Cloud layer after being added

Some notes when adding clouds:

  • In order to open the clouds, everyone must reach a certain level.
  • You must have sufficient quantity of widgets cloud bottle, holy water bottle and gold money. When you open the cloud, the higher the number of objects.

2. How to upgrade pots in the Cloud Garden

Upgrading pots will help people reduce the time to plant plants and increase harvest experience.

Step 1: Press on any pot people want to upgrade.

Press into any pot

Step 2: It will then bring up the features that you can do and what plants to grow, which people click on The button has an up arrow.

Click the up arrow

Step 3: Click button that shows the amount of gold we will be lost when upgrading.

Click the button showing the amount

Step 4: When successfully upgraded, everyone’s pots will change to a new type with flared blue wings. If that fails, the pot is still in its original shape and a pair of falling lights appear.

Pots after being successfully upgraded

Notes when upgrading pots:

  • Your pot should be of sufficient quantity insects, gold money already requested.
  • People can use lucky grass to increase success rates.
  • When you lose your friends, the insect population and gold coins are also lost.

Above is the guide to upgrading the pots and adding a layer of clouds in the Cloud Garden, we hope that after following these steps everyone can easily make their garden more beautiful.

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Wish you all success!

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