Laplace M: Guide to raising Gugu Holy Order


Feeding Gugu in the Holy Order’s territory is one of the activities that provide quite a lot of resources for gamers of Laplace M. However, not many players in the Land of the Wind pay attention to and know how to perform this activity to get the best results. So in this article, will guide you about the Gugu Holy Order raising activities as well as the benefits it brings.


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Guide to raising Gugu Holy Order

Why must feed Gugu?

In Laplace M there are extremely many different activities for players to get resources for themselves. So what are the benefits of raising Gugu and should I take the time to raise Gugu? The answer is very worth it. Time wasted is also negligible, just a few taps on the screen. And the benefits that Gugu brings to players:

  • Ngan Tinh.
  • Order of the Holy Order.
  • EXP points.
  • Snail color.

When feeding Gugu up to the maximum amount of fun, Team Leader can “meat” Gugu to bring a large amount of colored snails to all members who have participated in raising Gugu. The number of colored snails received more or less depends on the dedication to farming Gugu. This is considered the simplest and most effective way to get free color snails at present. So try to feed this golden bird as much as possible!

What to feed Gugu and how to get ingredients

Food of Gugu: Gugu can eat mysterious eggs (green eggs) and fish. The way to find the ingredients is as follows.

  • Mystery Eggs: You can earn eggs from selling the fat Ahri in Gia Vien after fulfilling her request; or join a hitting activity Ly cat in the Holy Order. The lynx appears between 10am and 10:30 pm, with each random appearance having treasure for an egg box or some other item.
  • Fishing can be: Mainly still thanks to fishing in Gia Vien. To maximize the amount of fish caught here, you should maximize the score increase in fish ball production in the section Cultivate the holy congregation.

Fish yield

  • In addition to fishing in the Park, you can also get more fish by fishing on the maps when rare fish spawns are reported.

How to feed Gugu

For those of you who do not know, Gugu’s location is in coordinates (456,501) in Holy Union Territory.

Gugu position

By clicking on Gugu, you will see your feeding rating dedication score in the Holy Order as well as how happy Gugu is. Press the button Feeding and select the desired food for Gugu, press the button Feeding once again. Your donation points will increase and you will receive a reward from feeding Gugu. Only 25 times a day can be fed to Gugu.


Tips for feeding little by little when there are not many ingredients

Since there is no item separation function in Laplace M, so if you want to feed Gugu one or a few ingredients, you can use the trick to put the old ingredients in the warehouse and go find new ingredients to feed. The system will not display the items you have stored in the inventory in Gugu’s feeding table.

Storage of raw materials

I wish you to earn more resources from Gugu!

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